DayZ Dev Approves and Supports 2D Fan Tribute

DayZ Dev Approves and Supports 2D Fan Tribute

Even though the actual DayZ game is still in development, one fan has taken it upon themselves to create a pretty nifty tribute to the game, which is a 2D top-down re-imagining of the survival game presented in retro-style graphics.

Cutely titled “ MiniDayZ ”, the game is currently only a singleplayer experience, but it still reportedly follows the same gameplay as DayZ , only in a 2D format; you’ll still be scavenging around and avoiding engagement with zombies and keeping an eye on suspicious survivors.

The Russian-based fan of DayZ who developed MiniDayZ , referred to as CannedBits, has been working on the project since back in spring earlier on this year. The 2D tribute even caught the eye of DayZ’s creator, Dean “Rocket” Hall. Hall apparently must of approved of the game quite a lot, as MiniDayZ is now available to play for free in-browser via Bohemia Interactive’s official website .

I have to say, I absolutely love MiniDayZ , ” Hall wrote in a post on Reddit . ” I think it’s awesome, amazing, addictive, and brings something really new to the experience. Ignore the haters, ” he then added, referring to complaints regarding MiniDayZ’s stability. ” The vast majority of people think it’s fantastic and I am one of those people.

In order to play the game, however, you’ll first need to register for a Bohemia account. Please also keep in mind that the game will work on Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. You can also check out MiniDayZ’s official blog for further information on  the game should you desire.

We’ll bring you more news on the game and on DayZ should further information reach our ears.

[ Source(s): Eurogamer / PC Gamer ]

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