Destiny Gets Chroma, Improved Year One Items in April

Destiny Gets Chroma, Improved Year One Items in April

Looking for a reason to play Destiny: The Taken King again? Well, the April update certainly makes it look pretty appealing. Bungie held a livestream talking all about the new content coming to the game, then summed it all up later for everyone who missed it.

To start, there’s going to be Chroma in Destiny . It’s a new kind of material that can be added to weapons and armor. The Spektar gear, which is all new, can be infused with it. It makes you glow. Spektar armor is only some of the new equipment being added, with the Taken Sword being another.

People can also get Sterling Treasure boxes. These include armor, boosts, Chroma, ships, and sparrows. You can get three a week, one from the Reef or Tower’s Postmaster, one from the Director’s Crucible match, and another from the Level 41 Prison of Elders. Eververse has some with emotes as well.

There will also better versions of Destiny Year One gear. To be specific, the Badger CCL, The Comedian, The Devil You Know, Grim Citizen III, LDR 5001, The Saterienne Rapier, Shadow Price, The Swarm, Two to the Morgue, Y-09 Longbow Synthesis, and Zombie Apocalypse WF47 will have Year Two versions. They’ll be earned in quartermaster reward packages from the Crucible and Vanguard quartermasters.

Finally, Infusion will be improved in Destiny . If you combine two Exotics, the weaker item will become as strong as the stronger one when fused. This lets you keep the weaker weapon you liked better.

Destiny’ s update will be out on April 12. Get excited!

Source: Bungie

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