DestinyGhostHunter is the Tool You Need for Missing Ghosts

DestinyGhostHunter is the Tool You Need for Missing Ghosts

There’s an achievement / trophy for collecting 50 dead Ghosts littered throughout Destiny , but you’ll probably acquire the achievement itself  before collecting all of the dead Ghosts, especially now that the Dark Below expansion has launched (which contains six new Ghosts).

Whilst it’s easy to follow a list of all the Ghost locations, it may not quite be as easy to remember whether or not you’ve already been in an area where a Ghost may or may not be. With over 50 Ghosts to find, it would be a bit tedious to go through the list again–instruction by instruction–to determine which Ghost you’ve actually missed.

That’s where DestinyGhostHunter comes in.

Although it’s still in Beta, it’s come to our attention that this website tracks the amount of Ghosts you already have (and have yet to find). By entering the Gamertag and / or PlayStation Network ID you wish to assess, the website will detail which Ghosts you have between Destiny’s various locations.

Listing each of the five locations within the base game (the Tower, Earth, the Moon, Venus and Mars), as well as The Dark Below , you’ll be able to see at a glance how many Ghosts you’ve obtained within a given area and how many you’ll still need to find.

For each location there are also instructions on how to find each hidden Ghost. These instructions take you through step-by-step to find all of them, with accompanying images to clearly show where you need to go. If you’ve already found a Ghost, the instructions for the location of that particular Ghost will have a green trim. Ghosts that have yet to be found will have a red trim.

Whilst it’s the same as looking up a list anywhere else, at least with DestinyGhostHunter you only have to follow the instructions for the location that still have missing Ghosts in it, rather than starting over from the beginning with the hopes of  not missing one as you go.

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