DK King Of Swing DS Review / Preview for the Nintendo DS (NDS)

DK King Of Swing DS Review / Preview for the Nintendo DS (NDS)

Get back into the swing of things as Donkey Kong goes vertical. by Cole Smith

May 16, 2006 – It’s on – like Donkey Kong.

Now there’s a catchphrase that I don’t want hear too often, if ever again. But Donkey Kong is back in the swing of things with this upcoming offering from Nintendo with developers Paon back on board. If you think you’ve already head the title that’s because it was originally released on the GBA in the Fall of 05. There will be plenty of new content for this DS version as it uses the dual screen for more expansive environments.

King K. Rool is up to no good again, and it’s up to Donkey Kong to swing into action. Using the same simple control scheme that made the DK: King of Swing Game BoyAdvance SP game so accessible and fun to play, players of all skill levels can swing and climb to new heights made possible by the dual screens of Nintendo DS.

Not only does Adventure mode feature Diddy Kong as a secondary character, but players can look forward to new moves, new items and a bunch of mini-games sure to make them go bananas. Not only that, but fun tutorials that ease new players into the game also can be accessed as mini-game challenges.

Players that are in the mood to rumble can take on up to three pals in fun multi-player challenges using DS Download Play and the DS Local Area Network. They can pick from Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong or Funky Kong, and let the monkey business begin. It’s more fun than a barrel of cheap puns.

By Cole Smith
CCC Senior Writer

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