Fighting Championship announced for WildStar

Fighting Championship announced for WildStar

As detailed in a press release published on Thursday, July 10, Den of Geek, an enthusiast-driven pop culture website, has announced its very own WildStar Fighting Championship.

The championship in question will pit players against each other in a one-on-one fashion, and it is touted to be a premier duelling PvP league that will be for WildStar players who want more from their duels.

The WildStar Fighting Championship, cutely abbreviated to WFC in a similar vein as UFC, is a fighting organization that’s looking to crown the first WFC Champion during its inaugural event on Saturday, July 12, which starts at 8pm Eastern Time on the Bloodsworn PvP server.

A custom made WFC Arena has been created using WildStar’s housing system, which is complete with a UFC-style octagon arena, a judges’ table and seating for an audience.

Eight participants for each of the three weight classes–DPS, Healers and Tanks–will compete in a bracket style tournament, according to the press release, with the winner being named Champion of their respective weight class. What’s more, they’ll also earn in-game currency.

Each of the WFC’s fights will be broadcasted on Den of Geek’s official Twitch channel .

If you’re interested in joining the WFC tournament, you must first must be on the Bloodswarm PvP server and be a part of the Dominion faction. All level 50 players are welcome and are encouraged to apply via [email protected] to request a sign-up.

The WFC will be limited to level 50 players so as to avoid unfair advantages as much as possible. The WFC’s rules, regulations and details on how to enter can be found via Den of Geek’s website.

We’ll bring you more WildStar -related news should further information reach our ears.

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