Fill Up Your 3DS This Fall

Fill Up Your 3DS This Fall

Today’s Nintendo 3DS Direct showed us that even though the poor Wii U is getting all of bupkis this holiday season, the party’s still on for the Nintendo 3DS. Along with the big new announcements, the Direct highlighted a number of games that we won’t have to wait until next year to play. Considering all the big console game delays we’ve heard about so far, our little pocket pal of a handheld just might be getting plenty of action this fall. Here’s the latest on Nintendo’s fall 3DS lineup:

Picross 3D Round 2
I’m very proud to have gotten Cheat Code’s Matthew Hayes hooked on Picross this year, so both of us are pretty excited about Nintendo’s second Picross 3D game. The first one was for the original DS, so I think these new 3D block number puzzles are going to look fantastic on the 3D screen. Best of all, this game is out now, now, now. Go ahead and give the demo a download. You just might get addicted, too.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice
This cult favorite series of courtroom adventure games is taking a walk on the weird side, with defence lawyer Phoenix Wright transported into a mystical realm in which trials are decided by seance. Will “Objection!” be enough to tip the scales of justice in his favor? Find out September 8.

Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past
RPG fans have been waiting for this one to come to North America for what seems like forever. This heavily-remade version of Dragon Quest VII debuted to rave reviews in Japan, and includes social aspects like the ability to trade various goodies (like items, monsters, and dungeon maps) with your friends. If you pre-order the game on the eShop before its September 16 release, you get a free DQ VII menu theme for your 3DS.

Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse
This standalone sequel to SMT IV is now available for pre-order. You can get your demon negotiation on this Sepember 20. If you buy a first-run physical copy, they’ll throw in some free shiny medals, which may or may not steal your immortal soul.

Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice
It’s no secret that we here at Cheat Code Central are not what you’d call fans of the Sonic Boom series. The first two games, both on the 3DS and the Wii U, were rather awful in just about every possible way. Thus, along with the note that Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice is releasing on September 27, we give you the following warning. Beware! Beware the Boom! Wait for the reviews! Oh, also, the game comes with a three-episode Sonic Boom cartoon DVD if you’re self-confident enough to go buy a physical copy.

Yo Kai Watch 2: Boney Spirits & Fleshy Souls
The second game in this monster-collecting series pulls a Pokemon with two versions from which to choose. Each version has a small selection of Yo-Kai that are unique to it, so you’re encouraged to trade them with your friends. You can get some special Yo-Kai and related goodies by purchasing the game near release either physically or digitally. It comes out on September 30.

Disney Magical World 2
I admit it. I played Disney Magical World , and it was actually pretty fun. It’s a bit like Animal Crossing , but with some dungeon-crawling thrown in. The sequel looks pretty much the same, but with some new characters like Ariel and (uh oh) Anna and Elsa. Sorry, parents, you’re probably going to have to buy this one, but if you pre-order it on the eShop, your ravenous little fans will get three Frozen -themed outfits for free. Get ready for Disnification on October 14.

Mario Party Star Rush
It’s Mario Party , what can I say? It’s got a bunch of mini-games you can play with your friends, and comes out at the same time as the new additions to the Super Mario line of amiibo, featuring Daisy and Waluigi (and some other folks we frankly don’t care as much about). That day is November 4.

Pokemon Sun & Moon
We all know this one is coming on November 18, but now we know about an early adopter bonus. Anybody who buys one of these games before January 11, 2017 gets an in-game bonus. It’s a Munchlax holding a “Snorlium Z” crystal that allows your Snorlax to pull off the unique special move “Pulverizing Pancake.” It’s pretty amusing to watch.

That’s it for the 3DS games discussed during this morning’s 3DS Direct. It’s a nice collection of games from diverse developers and genres, ensuring just about everybody with a 3DS will find at least one thing they’re interested in. Looks like my 3DS will continue to be one of my most-played gaming devices in 2016.

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