Five Things Every Gamer Should Do This Halloween!

Five Things Every Gamer Should Do This Halloween!

You know that song “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” by Andy Williams? As far as I’m concerned, it’s not about Christmas!

It’s Halloween bitches! HELL YEAH! Sorry, that kind of builds up all year and just LURKS out of me at inopportune moments the closer I get to this much anticipated night of fright. Halloween is absolutely, unequivocally my favorite holiday for a variety of reasons. While it used to be all about the candy when I was younger, it’s now grown into so much more! The sights, sounds and atmosphere are so unique to this 31 day time span; I literally wake up November 1 st in a semi-mild depression (due to having to wait another 11 months for its return).

So with this epic evening just little over a week away, I thought I’d bring you my top five alternatives to gaming, in order to truly wrap yourself in the blanket that is All Hallow’s Eve!

Carve a Wicked Looking Pumpkin

One of the most simplistic (yet rewarding) of activities. While carving a jack-o-lantern might seem like a complicated endeavor, it’s really not once you get the hang of it. The trick is to first get your canvas set just right, which means picking the perfect pumpkin. Be sure to get one that is medium to large, so you’ll have plenty of room to cut. The second trick is to poke LOTS of holes when prepping your design (which makes tracing the outline with your carving tool much easier later on). Don’t skimp or rush through this step. Finally, forget the tired old standard of candles. Instead, pop some multi-colored glow sticks and dry ice inside to create a hellaciously sweet center piece! Zombiepumpkins.com has a great selection of stencils (many of which are gaming related). If you do venture a go, be sure to take a picture and post it to CheatCC’s Facebook page !

Check Out Party City, a Spirit Store or Wal-Mart’s Seasonal Section

This is probably the easiest one to check off your list, as you’ll eventually do it by accident (if you haven’t already). Starting as early as September, the likes of Target, Walmart and even your local drug store will section off entire isles to house their huge inventory of scary plastic. However, if you’ve never actually taken the time to visit a brick and mortar Halloween outlet store (which pop up in various strip malls here and there), definitely try it out. You’d be surprised at just how many movie-quality props they have on-hand, ranging from the disturbing to the playful (but yeah…mostly just disturbing).

Walk Through a Haunted House, Take a Hayride or Get Lost in a Corn Maze

So let’s say you’re an old-veteran of the witching-hour, who’s no stranger to decorating your yard with copious amounts of dollar-store skeletons and flammable green spider-webs. A really great way to up the ante this year is to visit other establishments specializing in spook-tacular decor, such as a legit haunted house. I first got into this little tradition only a few years ago, and have since plastered just about every single one imaginable in my area. While the indoor attractions are fun, I’m preferable to the trails that wind deep into the moonlit woods (where the chill in the air spells almost certain doom for ticket holders)! Give this a try if you’ve never done it! You’ll be hooked immediately.

Dress-Up as Your Favorite Slasher and Scare the Bejesus out of Some Trick-or-Treaters!

If you’ve followed my instructions up ‘till now, a full-on case of Halloween fever is likely beginning to set in. So that means… it’s back to the Spirit store you go to pick out a costume! Every year, I dress up as one of my favorite ‘80s horror villains (Michael Myers has been my go-to choice in recent outings). I haunt my cousin’s front yard, chasing down kids (and nervous adults) whom dare make their way up the drive way. Let’s just say my philosophy is this; a full candy bowl by the end of the night means I did my job properly! There’s nothing more satisfying than watching the eyes of a SpongeBob fill with terror as he bolts down the street in sheer panic (completely running over his little sister in the process). Damn it Halloween, I love you. Truly I do.

Five Things Every Gamer Should Do This Halloween!

Put on a Scary Movie or Fire Up a Survival Horror Game

This is an option which goes against the whole “…get your ass out of the house” premise of our list, but I realize some are just not as involved as others. So if you’re a home-body looking to just take in the atmosphere on the down-low, you’ll find lots of great scary flicks on TV and Netflix. If you prefer something of a more immersive nature, you could do a lot worse than The Evil Within (which has been getting rave reviews for being particularly spine-tingling). Sony also has a “Sale of the Dead” promotion going on now for all you froogle-minded readers out there.

So as Halloween 2014 quickly approaches, I suggest you make the most of what little time we have left in the season. This is the last weekend before the big night, so get out and attempt at least ONE of the items listed above. I promise you won’t regret it and fun is almost certainly guaranteed!

So here’s to a very happy and safe Halloween from all of us at Cheat Code Central!

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