Frogdice Kickstarts Baldur’s Gate-Inspired Turn-Based Online RPG “Stash: No Loot Left Behind”

Frogdice Kickstarts Baldur’s Gate-Inspired Turn-Based Online RPG “Stash: No Loot Left Behind”

As pointed out to be on Tuesday, August 19, “ Stash: No Loot Left Behind ” is a multiplayer online role-playing game from the creators of Dungeon of Elements and Threshold RPG , Frogdice, with turn-based, tactical combat and an “ incredible housing system.

Frogdice’s Kickstarter for Stash: No Loot Left Behind went live back in late July, and at the time of writing the crowd-funding campaign has reached just over 350 backs, with just over $28,000 pledged out of its $50,000 goal.

Stash is a high-fantasy game set within the fictional world of Primordiax (the world where all Frogdice’s games are said to be set in), and the game is touted to have an engaging story that’s shaped by its players. It’s also described as the successor to the studio’s text-based game, Threshold RPG .

A list of Stash’s core features have been detailed below, courtesy of Frogdice’s Kickstarter page for the game.

  • Turn based combat on a tactical grid.

  • Housing: Stash your treasures in your personal Base of Operations, which you can build and upgrade from bedroll to fortress.

  • Crafting: Use, sell, or enter items into competitions.

  • Massive character customization via class, race, build, gear, cosmetics, costumes, pets, mounts, and more.

  • Cool world story with a unique twist. Players affect the world and the story.

  • Hand crafted as well as procedurally generated/random dungeons.

  • Huge world with hundreds of unique locations, tons of monsters, and epic amounts of loot.

  • Clans: form with friends and compete for dominance as well as optional solo or group PvP.

As it currently stands, there will be five races available at the game’s launch: Human, Dryad, Trulloc, Lokoi and Catfolk; more races are planned to be implemented post-launch. There will also be four classes at launch: Warrior, Healer, Elementalist and Hunter; and more classes are planned to be added post-launch, which include: Bard, Alchemist, Paladin, Necromancer and Psion.

Frogdice openly admits that it took inspiration from Baldur’s Gate and Planescape: Torment , along with other games as well; including tabletop games such as Dungeon and Dragons .

What’s more is that Stash is touted to have a combat system that’s “ approachable yet incredibly deep, ” as the more you play the more challenging and rewarding the game becomes. Furthermore, Frogdice has put a large emphasis on rewarding the skill of the player, rather than the skill of the player’s character. “ Your character’s abilities and gear are very important, but the tactics and strategy of the actual players is equally important, ” Frogdice wrote on the game’s Kickstarter page.

As implied by the game’s title, there will be a lot of loot to plunder in Stash . Ranging from incredibly useful to being utter junk, you can use the game’s loot to either yourself, to trade with other players, or to break down for crafting materials, or to even sell it.

Everything you need to know about Stash: No Loot Left Behind can be read on its Kickstarter page via the source link below. Stash is slated to release on PC, Mac, Linux, OUYA, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Wii U at a yet-to-be-announced date. We’ll bring you more news on the game should further information reach our ears.

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