G4 Returns in 2021, New Xbox to Remove Technological Constraints

G4 Returns in 2021, New Xbox to Remove Technological Constraints

G4TV Has Something Planned for 2021

At this year’s Comic-Con@Home event, viewers were treated to what was, honestly, a pretty surprising bit of news. It would appear that G4, a former television channel that catered to nerds, would be having a comeback in some capacity in 2021. The announcement depicted an old warehouse full of technology and G4 references before focusing in on a television that said “Incoming Transmission,” and then, “We Never Stopped Playing.”

The old twitter account for G4TV became active again on the same day and former hosts of G4 shows like X-Play and Attack of the Show! Commented on the trailer. None of them, though, seemed to know much about the comeback and, as of now, it seems that some fan favorite personalities aren’t involved.

It is unclear what we can expect from this announcement, but the internet is currently abuzz with a mixture of excitement and confusion, wondering just who the intended demographic is for this reveal.

Microsoft Xbox Series X Removes Technological Constraints (Via The Guardian )

Amazing games have been produced for decades, and always within the parameters set forth by technological restraints. Matt Boot, head of Xbox Studios, suggests that this may no longer be the case.

“We’re at a point where the technology is out of the way,” says Booty. “In previous generations, the hardware and its limitations would leave a pretty clear fingerprint on a game. I remember the first early games that used sprite scaling and then suddenly every game had all these objects flying around the screen. You’d build a game around technical advances like that. But now we’re at the point with the tech where we can just let the stories and the characters that the teams have in mind reach the screen.”

Of course, he isn’t suggesting that the Xbox Series X can do anything. It can’t. But developers will have to worry a lot less about technological constraints, freeing them to design the games they want to design. We’ll have to see just how this plays out once the console finally releases.

Ghost of Tsushima Receives Content Update

Ghosts of Tsushima received an update that, on top of many other things, added a new difficulty level to the game called “Lethal.”

In Lethal mode, players will do more damage against enemies who are now deadlier than ever. They’re more aggressive, and their ability to detect the player has been increased. Parry and dodge windows have also been tightened.

On the other side of the spectrum, the update includes an option for easier combat. Many unblockable attacks become blockable, enemies don’t combo as long, they won’t hit players who are healing, and their awareness has been decreased. This is a good representation of how difficulty levels should function.

Finally, changes to the games text have made it more accessible via options to increase size and change color.

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