Gamers Can Once Again Mod Dying Light

Gamers Can Once Again Mod Dying Light

After a recent patch aimed at taking down cheaters online inadvertently disabled the ability for modders to infuse Dying Light with custom made content, Techland has finally reversed these effects.

This latest patch will not only remove the block which prevented community members from generating creative additions for the zombie shooter, but will improve things under the hood as well. One significant change will be a drastic reduction of strain on system RAM, as well as several other tweaks detailed below.

For more info, here is the complete rundown:

Hardware, performance & stability issues

• Resolved various stability issues

• Numerous general performance optimizations

• Significantly reduced RAM memory usage

Gameplay issues

• Added option to disable film grain video effect.

• Fixed the issue with reaching Survivor Rank 25

• Optimized video memory management to eliminate “ResizeBuffers failed 0x887a0005” error message

• Fixed extremely long load times that some users were experiencing

• Resolved issues with unlocking certain achievements

• Fixed the issue with ammo disappearing from player’s inventory when attempting shooting challenges

• Resolved issues with Personal Statistics menu

• Fixed problems with using keys assigned to gameplay features during chat

• Fixed duplicating weapons exploit

Be-the-Zombie mode

• Fixed the ‘infinite spit’ exploit in Be-the-Zombie mode

• Fixed several issues with connecting to games when playing as the zombie

• Added additional tools for tracking network issues

Game data integrity (modding)

• Games can be modded

• Modded games will not work online with original unchanged versions

• Modded games will work with other identically modded games

Graphical Bugs

• Resolved extremely low resolution textures on certain objects regardless of texture quality settings

Linux specific improvements:

• Fixed motion blur switching via main menu

• Fixed messaging when playing cross-platform session

Known issues we are still working on:

• Screen flickering when using dual-GPU setups

• Radeon support on Linux platforms

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