GoAnimate Inks Deal with Capcom to Bring Street Fighter Animations to You!

GoAnimate Inks Deal with Capcom to Bring Street Fighter Animations to You!


GoAnimate.com will play host to Street Fighter character for your animating pleasure. Create your own animated battles with your favorite Street Fighter characters.

Press Release:

December 6, 2008 — GoAnimate.com today announces a licensing partnership with Capcom® Entertainment to bring the most popular Street Fighter® characters to the site’s arsenal of avatars. Starting November 25th, Street Fighter characters and assets will be made available to a list of VIP enthusiasts and select media before they are offered to the public on December 8th, allowing all GoAnimate.com users to create their own animated battles starring their favorite Street Fighter characters. The partnership illustrates the site’s commitment to bringing the world’s most popular characters to life through animation.

“The history of Street Fighter spans over 20 years and we’re delighted to deliver to its loyal fan base the ability to actively interact with characters that they grew up with in an entirely new way, “ said Germaine Gioia, senior vice president, licensing, Capcom Entertainment. “We’re delighted to bring our Street Fighter characters into the web 2.0 world.”

GoAnimate.com will provide all the tools necessary to create customized Street Fighter animations, including character and graphic assets from the classic series of video games. All characters will be able to utilize unique Street Fighter moves, such as Dragon Punches, Hurricane Kicks and fireballs. GoAnimate.com will offer both 8 public characters at no charge and 3 premium characters, the Street Fighter bosses, which can be purchased with GoPoints and GoBucks. Dhalsim can be acquired with GoPoints, Sagat with 10, and M. Bison can be purchased with 400 GoBucks. Users build up their collection of GoPoints when their peer animators view their creations. GoBucks is the official currency on GoAnimate.com. Users can purchase different GoBucks packages using a PayPal account.

“We are very pleased to announce this partnership with Capcom for their unprecedented Street Fighter property, especially with the highly anticipated release of Street Fighter® IV,” says Stone Newman, Senior VP of Licensing and Business Development for GoAnimate.com. “Street Fighter, the pioneer of fighting games, has established itself as a household name among boys and girls of multiple generations. GoAnimate.com gives fans the chance to actively interact with their favorite Street Fighter characters.”

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