Season: A Letter to the Future Cheats & Cheat Codes for PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Season: A Letter to the Future Cheats & Cheat Codes for PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Season: A Letter to the Future Summary

Sometimes, when the world comes to an end, it isn’t with a bang or a whimper. In Season: A Letter to the Future, the world is ending. Players control of a young woman named Estelle, a researcher who sets out to discover why the world is ending by taking photographs, recording audio, and much more. Made by Scavengers Studio and released on the PlayStation 5 and Windows on January 31st, 2023, this indie game takes the player through a valley filled with people, and far too many memories to be carried.

Season: A Letter To The Future Premise

Season: A Letter to the Future takes place in a world that is ending, but it is not a violent end. It is not a nuclear bomb or the depletion of natural resources. The only official description is: “mysterious cataclysm.” What that end is, no one quite remembers. Memory is a recurring theme in this game, so much so that keeping a journal is one of the highlights of the game.

Season: A letter to the Future

You begin the game in Estelle’s hometown, a quaint little village. Her mother makes her a pedant, to protect Estelle’s mind, and in doing so, she has to give up five memories, one for each of the five primary senses. After going around town collecting memorabilia, recording sights, and saying goodbye to old friends, you set off on your journey. You ride up hills and use gravity itself to push your bike along empty roads. Unlike most games, you will have to pedal your bike with the triggers, so be ready to flex those finger muscles.

Season: A Letter to the Future is about Estelle’s, and the player’s, journey through the last known season before the world ends. There are no enemies to fight, no puzzles to solve beyond taking photos and making decisions about what to remember. It’s a lonely, almost somber affair.

Season: A Letter To The Future Main Characters

  • Estelle. A curious, inventive young woman with a turtleneck and a love of photography. Unlike most protagonists, she is neither in your face loud, nor eerily silent. Quiet is the best way to describe her, but not quiet as in never speaking, but quiet in the sense you have to pause to listen to her.
  • Your bike. Your trusty transportation across the world. It doesn’t speak, but the wheels do the speaking for it.

Season: A Letter To The Future Titles of Video Games in the Series

Alas, this is a standalone game, and as such, there are no other games in the series.

  • Season: A Letter to the Future (2023)

Season: A Letter To The Future  Cheat Codes

As with most video games these days, there aren’t any cheat codes for Season: A Letter to the Future. Instead, let us go over some tips.

  • Get used to the Bike. This isn’t some hotrod out of GTA or some sluggish bike. The bicycle in Seasons: A Letter to The Future, has its physics and, what’s more, you’ll have to push the pedals manually with the triggers.
  •  Take photos. As this is a slow-paced game, and you have a camera, you’re encouraged to take as many pictures as you can.
  •  And above all else: Take your time! This isn’t a game meant to be rushed through at a breakneck pace. Instead, it asks you to slow down and enjoy the ride. Sure, you can rush from point A to point B as fast as your bike can take you, but that’s not the point. Season: A Letter to the Future is all about recording and watching the world as it passes you by.

Season: A Letter To The Future  Cheat Code FAQs

Does Season: A Letter To The Future have multiple endings? It does! The choices you make during your playthrough will affect the ending. That said, this isn’t the sort of game meant to be replayed. The first time is meant to be the best time.

What is the monk in Season: A Letter To The Future? A scruffy man who lives near a van, and might have OCD.

 Is Season: A Letter to the Future Open World? Yep! It’s a highly original open-world game meant to be taken as a meditative experience. Go where you will, and enjoy the ride.

How long is Season: A Letter to the Future? About six and a half hours long if you blitz through, but on a slower playthrough, likely about 8-12ish.

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