Kind Words Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

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Kind Words Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Kind Words is a unique comfort video game developed by Popcannibal, an indie American company. Kind Words is difficult to describe because it doesn’t play like a typical video game. The easiest category to fit this 2019 game into is a casual video game that focuses on the player’s personal feelings. Rather than playing as a character who’s navigating through an imaginary world or story, players play as themselves. The game was designed with the idea of spreading positivity from player to player anonymously. In its most basic form, it’s a comfort and collection game that focuses on letters and the player’s room.

Although the game is relatively simple, the message behind Kind Words is a powerful one. Kindness is free and costs nothing, so why not spread it when possible? Due to the idea of spreading positivity and encouragement through players, the game received much praise upon launch. 92% of Google users who weighed in on Kind Words claim to like the game. Steam rates the game a perfect 10 out of 10. Critics and gamers alike have praised the game for being incredibly relaxing yet impactful. Kind Words has become infamous for its positive community, which is somewhat unheard of in today’s gaming world. The game was nominated for The Game Awards 2019’s Games for Impact category. In 2020, it won Game Beyond Entertainment at the 16th British Academy Games Awards.

For those interested in Kind Words, as long as they have a computer, they can play it. Kind Words is a Unity game built for Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux. For anyone who might be feeling down, this might be the wholesome game for you.

Kind Words Premise

Kind Words is a casual video game where the player plays as themselves. They get a bedroom where their character exists. This is the only location the player will ever visit. Players collect stickers as they play. Once they unlock a new sticker, they can duplicate the sticker to send to other players. Each sticker also comes with a 3D toy, which they can display in their room to customize their space. In this way, Kind Words is a collection and decor game, at least to a certain extent.

The main point of Kind Words is to send and receive letters to and from other players. When the player first opens the game, they’ll meet Ella. Ella is a mail carrier deer who’s just starting her job. She’s nervous, so the player is prompted to write Ella a letter of encouragement. This teaches the player the whole point of the game. After inspiring Ella, players can then request letters, write anonymous letters to other players, and send paper airplanes with messages attached. Players can write about how they’re feeling or problems they’re having. Other players can send words of encouragement, advice, or other positive messages meant to help the poster. At its core, Kind Words is about receiving and sending bursts of upbeat messages.

Players can attach stickers to their messages, which helps other players grow their collection of stickers and 3D toys. Messages received go into the player’s inbox, where they can read them at their leisure. Paper airplanes fly across the screen and display short messages when clicked on. Players can choose to skip a request in their queue, so if they receive something they don’t feel equipped to answer, there’s no pressure to do so. Although the game will ask for the player’s name, it’ll only ever use the first letter of their name, so everything is kept anonymous.

Kind Words Main Characters

The player character in Kind Words

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Since Kind Words focuses on sending and receiving encouraging letters anonymously between players, there aren’t many characters to focus on. Kind Words isn’t a story game and it doesn’t have a plot to follow. The entire point of this casual game is comfort and the power of spreading kindness to random strangers. Players don’t play as a main character, they only play as themselves. They also don’t interact with many characters either. Everyone they send letters to or receive letters from is another player. That said, players do interact with one non-player character early on in the game, Ella.

  • Ella: Ella is a mail carrier deer that the player meets early on in the game. Her character makes sense since the entire game is about sending and receiving letters. Having a mail carrier mascot is the perfect way to create a cohesive experience. When players start the game, they meet Ella. She’s just starting her new job as a mail carrier and she expresses being nervous about it. The player needs to write an encouraging letter to her to help soothe her worries. This acts as a tutorial for the game, to show the player what they’ll be doing for other players for the rest of their Kind Words experience.

Aside from Ella, everyone else the player interacts with is a real person. Everything is anonymous, but be cautious with your words. The game is about spreading positivity and encouragement. Purposefully being rude or condescending isn’t going to go over well with the community. Fortunately, the community has a reputation for weeding out trolls by refusing to engage with any inappropriate messages and reporting any that do come through.

Kind Words Titles in the Series

Currently, Kind Words is the only title in the series. Ziba Scott and Luigi Guatieri, the creative minds behind Popcannibal, announced Kind Words 2 on December 6, 2023. Kind Words 2 isn’t out yet, but the Steam page is live and can be wish-listed. Scott and Guatieri encouraged fans to wish-list the game and sign up for the playtesting.

Kind Words 2 will expand on what made Kind Words so successful. Rather than being stuck in their room, players will be able to leave their houses and wander out into a virtual city. There are loads of activities to do, places to explore, and, of course, people to talk to. This game will keep all the features that players love from Kind Words and expand on them to make a more in-depth and engaging experience. At the end of the day, its main goal is to bring people together, spread kindness, and help people feel less lonely.

Kind Words Games:

  • Kind Words (2019)
  • Kind Words 2 (announced December 6, 2023) – Go sign up for the playtesting!

Kind Words Cheats & Collectibles

Letters in Kind Words

©Wholesome Games / Popcannibal – Original / License

To be blunt, there is no way to cheat at Kind Words. Kind Words isn’t a game designed to be won or conquered. It’s simply a cute hub that allows strangers to anonymously send and receive letters. The entire game revolves around writing kind and encouraging letters to people who are looking for responses. There’s nothing to win, nothing to cheat, and nothing to exploit.

The only thing players can work toward outside of the warm feeling of making someone smile or feel less lonely is collecting the stickers in the game. Each sticker received can be added to a player’s collection and duplicated to send to other players. The more letters players send, request, and receive, the higher their chances of collecting new stickers are. Each sticker also comes with a 3D toy to match that the player can use to decorate their bedroom.

Kind Words Stickers to Collect

Sticker Pack Volume 1Trouser Fish, Captain Astronaut, Model Boat, Mug Mug, Blobfish, Mail Deer, Robot Cubes, Elegy, Kitten ‘Plunk, Drooper, and Pop can
Sticker Pack Volume 2A. Lincoln, Raptor Doll, Froggu, Scarecrow, Ronne Doll, Space Seal, Mustachio Robot, Explorer, Chicken Bom Ball, and Round Cow
Sticker Pack Volume 3Dancing Gremlin, Cake, Axo, Bowl of Oatmeal, HappyHappy, Luigi, Ziba, Meat, Fish, Balloon, Turtle, and Ghost Boi
Sticker Pack Volume 4Hedgie, Snowmanny, Bunny, Snowglobe, Bananaman, Penguin, Mittens, MiniTruck, Cookie, and Yeti
Sticker Pack Volume 5Bleeper, Duck Kami, Lo-Fi Beats, Tree in a Jar, Lemonade, Jelly Monster, Fish Bones, Goji, SuperMegaUltraM, and Sleepy Octopus

Kind Words Cheats FAQ

When Googling “Kind Words cheats” none of the results are about Kind Words. Instead, the frequently asked questions section tries to offer cheats and suggestions for other word-based games like Words With Friends and Words With Friends 2. Since these results have nothing to do with the game in question, we’ll take a look at some frequently asked questions when Googling “Kind Words video game” instead.

Is Kind Words Anonymous?

Yes, Kind Words is anonymous. After the tutorial, the game asks players for their name, but it won’t reveal the name to anyone else. Instead, they’ll be known as the first letter of the name they input. No one will ever know another player’s identity unless that player puts personal information in their letters. For obvious reasons, players shouldn’t do this. Players have no idea who their letters are going to, so they should not share personal information like name, address, place of work, and credit card information.

Where can I play Kind Words?

As long as players have a computer that runs on Windows, macOS, or Linux, they can get Kind Words from Steam.

How do you get stickers in Kind Words?

Each player has a few random stickers in their inventory when they start the game. They can duplicate and send these stickers to other players by attaching them to their letters. In turn, other players can attach their stickers and send them to you. The more letters you send and receive, the higher your chances of collecting new stickers become.

Who benefits from Kind Words?

Anyone who plays Kind Words has the chance to benefit from sharing positive messages. Although players may never know the true identity of the other players and may never meet them, there’s a sense of community throughout the game. Players can feel less lonely by reaching out anonymously, offering encouragement or advice, and receiving it in turn. The whole point of the game is the power of positivity. It costs nothing to be kind, but it can mean the world to someone who needs it.

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