God of War III Now Targeted as PS3's Sales-Driving Exclusive

God of War III Now Targeted as PS3's Sales-Driving Exclusive


In an interview with Gamasutra, OTX’s Nick Williams says that, “according to his company’s data, one third of those who plan to purchase God Of War III have yet to buy a PS3.”

That could potentially turn into some serious console sales for Sony. In the face of a seemingly non-competitive price-point, Sony will likely depend upon such exclusives for future growth.

The following paragraphs from Gamasutra’s ‘Analyze This’ article succinctly highlights what Williams expects from God of War III:

“The price point for the PS3 remains a real problem for Sony. Sony execs now find themselves in the precarious position of trying to balance consumer price expectations with the high costs of producing each PS3.”

“That said, the PS2’s continued success more than eight years after launch suggests that Sony is thinking long term with the PS3. If Sony can continue to bring down hardware manufacturing costs, it seems likely that it will offer a price cut by the end of Summer 2009.”

“The launch of God of War III in late 2009/early 2010 will mark a pivotal moment for Sony. But in order to ensure that this game is a hardware sales driver, the cost of the base-level PS3 will need to be in the same ballpark as the Xbox 360 and Wii.”

“According to our latest consumer tracking study, only two in three people who plan to purchase God of War III currently own a PS3.”

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