Great Gaming Deals No PlayStation Fan Should Miss!

Great Gaming Deals No PlayStation Fan Should Miss!

Helping other people spend their money never gets old!

Alright PlayStation users, listen up! While many of us still trudge down to the local GamStop or electronics departments of Target or Walmart when it comes time to spend some gaming cash, there is an easier way! Simply by firing up the old PSN, you’ll not only have access to tons of great gaming content at the tips of your fingers…but you’ll save a buck or two in the process! Many overlook this great resource, which Sony is continuality updating, sometimes on a daily basis! Compound that with the perks of being a PS Plus subscriber, and the great deals and discounts grow even larger.

In a recent post to the PlayStation.Blog, Grace Chen (who is Director of the PlayStation Store) gave their usual rundown of the savings that PlayStation users can expect this week. Although the list is quite extensive (ranging from new add-ons, to price drops and even video/music additions) it’s easy for some of the real gems to get lost in the shuffle. So I thought I’d take a glance and bring you what I consider the highlights, in CheatCC’s attempt to help you get the most bang for your gaming buck.

So let’s take a look at where your hard earned cash should go, if you’re looking to invest in some PlayStation goodies before next payday.

Ultra Street Fighter IV (PS3) – $39.99 :

Even though there are many gamers out there who have yet to take that step into the next-gen yet, that doesn’t mean they can’t still enjoy some of what the finest in today’s gaming has to offer! As far as fighters go, Ultra Street Fighter IV is just about the be-all-end-all. Recently released for the PS3, the “ Ultra ” edition is without a doubt THE version of Street Fighter IV you should own. If you’ve been waiting for the right time to try out this absolutely stunning piece of art (or even if you’ve played previous versions in the past), you won’t regret plopping down the $40 for this beefed up make-over. Your PS3 will thank you for it.

The Amazing-Spiderman 2 (HD New Release) – $17.99:

If you’re like me, you can be a bit of a hoarder. When it comes to my digital content, I truly enjoy having things available right at my finger tips on a 24/7 basis. That is why buying the HD version of the recently released sequel The Amazing Spider-Man 2 could be a better value to some than simply renting it. It tells the next chapter of Marc Webb’s revision of the familiar Spider-Man saga (starring Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Jamie Foxx). A behind the scenes documentary highlighting the film’s stunts is also included in the price.

Battlefield 4 (PS4) – $28.79 with PS Plus:

Many out there probably already know how successful Battlefield 4 has become over the last year or so (despite its technical hiccups along the way). However, those who’ve yet to give it a try may not realize just how inexpensive buying into an epic FPS like this is right now! For less than $30, gamers can guarantee themselves weeks (if not months) worth of unbelievable gameplay. The online multiplayer component of this title alone is worth far more than its current price point (in my opinion) as you’d be hard pressed to find a better return for your money. Remember, to get the full discount you’ll have to be a PS Plus member.

Great Gaming Deals No PlayStation Fan Should Miss!

HBO GO (PS3) – Free(ish):

While the HBO Go app is available free of charge on both the PlayStation and Xbox consoles, the monthly service itself is not. Though I assume it’s common knowledge, it’s probably worth mentioning that an HBO subscription goes for around $12 per month. What may not be common knowledge (even to some long-time HBO users) is that Go provides on-demand access to streaming content which doubles that found on many cable boxes from the likes of Time Warner (the Documentaries section alone totals well over 200+). And don’t forget…it’s absolutely free by simply downloading the app! Also, if you plan on spending $60 on a game anyway (but can’t decide which one) consider HBO instead. That essentially amounts to five months’ worth of service.

Don’t forget to check back with CheatCC often, as we will continue our quest to bring you the latest deals and steals from PlayStation, Microsoft and more! We realize that times are tough, and we’re always looking out for you, the reader. If we can help stretch those precious gaming dollars a tad bit further (and perhaps turn you on to a great title that might have flown under your radar in the process) then we’ll call that mission accomplished!

So what are you still doing here? Fire up that PlayStation and get to work on relaxing and having fun! You’ve earned it. Hell, even if you didn’t earn it…we won’t tell anyone.

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