Sony Celebrates Vita’s First Anniversary

It’s the Vita’s first anniversary, but the players are getting the presents. If you have the portable console on hand, you are entitled to a quartet of free games:

·       Wild Arms (PSOne Classic)

·       Patapon (PSP)

·       Piyotama (PSP)

·       Patchwork Heroes (PSP)

For those who are willing to lay down some money, though, the PlayStation Store is also having a sale on a wealth of Vita games, all of which are 30 percent off their base price (or 50 percent off if you have a PlayStation Plus account). These range from launch window titles, such as Army Corps of Hell and Dynasy Warriors NEXT, to recent releases like Street Fighter X Tekken and LEGO Lord of the Rings. Smaller titles, such as Retro City Rampage and Sine Mora, are also on the list.

Lastly, a few other games with locked discounts have been added to the list:

·       FIFA Soccer 13 @ 30 percent off

·       Madden NFL 13 @ 30 percent off

·       Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath @ 25 percent off

The best part? All of this stacks with their March savings promotion, which nets gamers a ten dollar discount for every $50 they spend out of their SEN wallet.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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