Sony Celebrates Vita’s First Anniversary

Sony Celebrates Vita’s First Anniversary

It’s the Vita’s first anniversary, but the players are getting the presents. If you have the portable console on hand, you are entitled to a quartet of free games:

·       Wild Arms (PSOne Classic)

·       Patapon (PSP)

·       Piyotama (PSP)

·       Patchwork Heroes (PSP)

For those who are willing to lay down some money, though, the PlayStation Store is also having a sale on a wealth of Vita games, all of which are 30 percent off their base price (or 50 percent off if you have a PlayStation Plus account). These range from launch window titles, such as Army Corps of Hell and Dynasy Warriors NEXT, to recent releases like Street Fighter X Tekken and LEGO Lord of the Rings. Smaller titles, such as Retro City Rampage and Sine Mora, are also on the list.

Lastly, a few other games with locked discounts have been added to the list:

·       FIFA Soccer 13 @ 30 percent off

·       Madden NFL 13 @ 30 percent off

·       Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath @ 25 percent off

The best part? All of this stacks with their March savings promotion, which nets gamers a ten dollar discount for every $50 they spend out of their SEN wallet.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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