GTA Online “Capture” Update Released Today

GTA Online “Capture” Update Released Today

Rockstar Game is happy to announced that “ Capture” , the newest Capture the Flag-like addition to GTA Online ’s team-based game modes, will be available today as part of a free update via Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.

Capture includes 20 new jobs across four unique modules where strategy plays a huge roll in your endeavours; set traps, deploy decoys and place different obstacles to prevent your your opponents from breaching your defenses and stealing your loot. These new jobs will be available to play in Freemode, and are as follows:

  • RAID

    • As the name describes, you and your team have to fight your way through your enemy’s base, steal a package and successfully bring it back to your base. Steal enough to hit the required number to win the game or simply slug it out with the most steals to win once the time runs out.

  • HOLD

    • When playing Hold you have to rush to collect as many packages as possible from around the map, hoard them at your base and defend them from your enemies. You can also collect them by stealing them for your opponent’s base, so be wary of them doing the same to you. Hit the required score or have the most at the end of the game to win.

  • GTA

    • This mode will task players with stealing targeted vehicles from around the map and bring them back to their respective bases. Whichever team has the most cars stolen at the end wins.


    • In Contend there is only one package, placed at the center of the map. Teams must fight tooth and nail for this package to bring it back to their respective bases. Once the package is delivered to a base, the team scores a point and the package resets to the center again, where the madness rinses and repeats until the allotted time runs out. The team with the highest score wins.

As well as this new addition to GTA Online ’s team-based games, the automatic update will come with a mixture of fixes and dynamic tuning updates too.

Source: Press release.

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