Heroes of the Storm: Tyrael Spotlight Revealed

Heroes of the Storm: Tyrael Spotlight Revealed

Blizzard Entertainment released its second hero spotlight video for its MOBA Heroes of the Storm last Friday, March 28. Much like the first spotlight video, which featured Tychus from the StarCraft series, and detailed information on his role and abilities, this spotlight focuses on Tyrael, the Archangel of Justice from the Diablo series.

In Heroes of the Storm , Tyrael takes to the field as a Warrior who fights valiantly against minions and enemy heroes alike. With his sword, El’druin, Tyrael is humanity’s greatest defender, which would have long ago fallen to the Prime Evils if it weren’t for his intervention.

Aside from his brief backstory, most of Tyrael’s abilities have also been mentioned, as part of the spotlight’s Battleground Tips. This differs from Tychus’ spotlight, whose abilities were plainly labeled and detailed in amongst the rest of the spotlight’s content. No doubt a section dedicated to detailing Tyrael’s abilities will be added soon.

Tyrael’s abilities are “Punishing Blade”, “Righteousness”, “Hand of Sacrifice” and “Sanctification”, which is his “Q”, “W”, “E” and one of his “Rs” respectively.

Punishing Blade can be used to slow down heroes and minions while causing a small amount of damage, which can be particularly useful when delaying an objective until your teammates assume their positions. Righteousness works as both a shield and a source of damage, which is advised to be used when charging deep into the heat of battle.

Hand of Sacrifice is implied to be an ability that reveals cloaked heroes, but it is advised not to use this ability on cloaked allies as it could reveal to your opponent’s where your cloaked allies are. Finally, Sanctification (one of Tyrael’s talent), seems to be a crowd-control ability used on the Golem in the Haunted Mines Battleground to zone out nearby enemies just before it dies so your allies can grab skulls.

Like Tychus’, there is some additional content that has yet to be added to Tyrael’s spotlight, which will no be added at a later date. Since Tychus’ spotlight was unveiled, its additional content has been added.

Over a couple of weeks ago, Blizzard revealed an extensive preview on the studio’s current plans for Hero of the Storm’s gameplay, cosmetics, mounts and player progression. Heroes of the Storm itself is now in its live Technical Alpha .

Source: HeroesOfTheStorm.com .

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