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devastators game 1988

Devastators Cheats & Cheat Codes

Devastors Summary

Sometimes you just gotta go in, guns blazing.

Devastators is a retro 1989 video game, sort of behind-the-back, top-down shooter where you take control of a helicopter on foot. Think of it as akin to Galaga, where you have to shoot your way through hordes of enemies. First developed by Konami, the gameplay consists of you shooting various foes and enemies, ranging from infantry soldiers to tanks to aircraft. The game is unique in the sense that you don’t advance automatically. Instead, you must push forward on a stick to move your character. While that may not sound like much these days, in the arcade at that time, it was unheard of.

devastators game 1988


In Japan, the game saw good reviews, and in its release month of November, it was listed as the third most played arcade game.

Devastors Premise

Taking place in an undeveloped country, two mercenaries are hired to defend said country from an unnamed Middle Eastern nation. Code-named “Devastators,” the two mercs must fight off hordes of enemies led by a fanatical dictator. Their fight will take them through the jungles, through the desert, through enemy bases, and any army thrown at them.

Devastors Main Characters 

  • The Mercs. Two mercs are hired to defend a country against a warlord. They appear to be based on Rambo and Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  • The Dictator. A fanatical warlord who wants to take over a country with means of intense military force.

Devastors Titles of Video Games in the Series 

This is the only game in the series.

  • Devastors (1989)

Devastors Cheat Codes 

Sadly, there are no cheat codes for this game, so instead, let’s go over some tips and tricks!

  • Move Forward when you want to. If the game is overwhelming you, remember that the game only advances when you move forward. Ergo, if you need to restock your equipment, or just take a breather, just keep it in place.
  •  Sniping can be your friend. As a byproduct of the game only advancing when you do, there’s a benefit of just moving so slowly that the enemies spawn one at a time. Then, you take the ranged advantage and shoot them.
  •  Have fun! Much like a game based on 80s movies, don’t be afraid to shoot everything you can, and have fun!

Devastors Cheat Code FAQ

Who are the two mercs on the cover? They don’t have any names, but they are based on two very famous ’80s action stars.

Are there any sequels? Nope! Sorry.

Where does this game take place? In a fictional country somewhere in Africa. A lot of games take place in fake countries.

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