Hideo Kojima On Metal Gear Solid 5

Hideo Kojima On Metal Gear Solid 5


The Metal Gear Solid series has an infamously circuitous, twisted mythos that had, rather satisfactorily, come to a head in what was purported to be the final main series (or, at the very least, final Kojima-helmed main series) Metal Gear Solid title.

Leave it to Hideo Kojima to throw a wrench in his finely-oiled plot machine.

Oh, sure, Metal Gear Solid: Rising was announced years ago, but we’ve known that’s Raiden’s adventure, and a more action-like game than MGS tradition dictates. In a sneak peek at an interview dropping later this month, though, Kojima confirmed that he would discuss not only the latest Metal Gear Spinoff, but also Metal Gear Solid 5.

Wait, what? Isn’t Snake’s story pretty much over?

Well, first off, while players may be enamored with Snake, let’s not forget that only two of the four main MGS games have featured the man himself as the central protagonist. It seems that, to Kojima, the world he’s created and its overarching story take precedence over the tale of one man. It’s very possible that MGS5 could feature one of the non-Snake characters, or someone entirely new.

Alternatively, the series has shown no qualms about dipping into its past, bringing us a main series entry set in the 60s and the Portable Ops games (as well as Peace Walker), all of which follow Big Boss as he rises in prominence.

There’s also the theory that Metal Gear Solid 5 is simply Rising, retitled and refocused. It wouldn’t be the first bait and switch by Kojima or his studio (MGS2, anyone?), but considering details on that game have been promised as well, it doesn’t seem likely.

Lastly, the possibility that I’m the most excited about, but which I also feel is the least likely to occur: a current (or next) generation retelling of the events of the original Metal Gear (and maybe Metal Gear 2, as well). I’d love to see Outer Heaven re-imagined in glorious high-definition, but something tells me that Kojima has little desire to retread existing territory (disregarding Twin Snakes, which was put together by an external studio). I also doubt that a retelling would justify a full, new, main series entry.

Oh, and that’s the other question: will Kojima be involved in MGS5? He keeps making as though to bow out, then coming back to his brainchild and taking the helm. We promise to have more details at the end of the month.

By Shelby Reiches

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