Huge Online Savings Lists Watch_Dogs at Just $18

Huge Online Savings Lists Watch_Dogs at Just $18

Here at CheatCC, we’re all about the Benjamins (or rather the lack thereof). So if you find yourself a little strapped for cash to spend on gaming, we’ve got ya’ covered!

Even though Watch_Dogs failed to receive the reception its developers had been hoping for, it still received marginal review scores despites its many technical snafus. Needless to say, even if you’re not a fan, you could certainly do a lot worse than snatching up this next-gen release for under a mere twenty bucks.

However, if you’re still not sold on Watch_Dogs, it’s OK. Below you’ll find a myriad of other titles currently on sale over at Amazon, Best Buy and Steam. The list below (via GameSpot) brings a variety of great savings and discounts that should provide a little something for everyone’s tastes. This is just a sample of what’s currently marked down, so be sure to check out these retailer’s sites for other deals on hardware, software and more.

Don’t hesitate, as these prices are only good as of this writing. They could change without notice, so act fast froogle gamers!

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PlayStation 4

PS Vita

Wii U


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