It Came from the Desert Cheats & Cheat Codes

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It Came from the Desert Cheats & Cheat Codes

It Came From the Desert Summary

Do you like ants?

You won’t after this game. It Came From the Desert is a PC point-and-click adventure game. First released back in 1989, making this game well over 40 years old, it was developed by Cinemaware, and published by the same company. In addition to the point-and-click nature of the game, there are also FPS segments, as well as overhead sections in certain parts of the game.

Title Screen

Released to acclaim, It Came from the Desert was noted for its replayability, noting that the numerous side quests and subplots of the game allowed the player to go through it, again and again. It also had quite several mini-games, which makes sense. Back then, most games were nothing but mini-games. It took the player all over the town of Lizard Breath and had numerous ways plot threads and missions could go. One playthrough might see the player failing in their mission due to an unwillingness to get involved with the town’s seedy underbelly. Another might see them succeed because they were willing to break a few rules, and at times, hearts.

It Came From the Desert Premise

In Lizard Breath, California, Dr. Greg Bradly has come to study reports of a meteor strike in the area. Sounds pretty simple, right? Well, unfortunately, he uncovers two things. One, the townspeople are remarkably superstitious, and two, the meteorite is radioactive. And that radiation has also mutated a nearby ant colony, which has now grown to incredible size. Bradly discovers this and learns he only has about 15 days to find out where the colony is and find a way to kill the Ant Queen before they mate. Otherwise, the now giant ants will spread outward, and destroy the town.

Sounds simple enough, right? The problem is, it sounds ridiculous to say aloud, and the townspeople are of little to no help. You have to dig around, uncovering secrets and lies just to get to the truth, and find other materials that could lead to the Ant Colony.

It Came From the Desert Main Characters 

A quirky cast dealing with the world’s worst case of an ant infestation.

  •  Dr. Greg Bradley. The player character. A scientist who came out to this lazy town to research the meteor that fell near it. But in turn, he discovers something that could destroy the world.
  •  Geez. A hillbilly who is honestly quite helpful. He finds tissue samples and valuable rocks around the area. Be sure to buy him a drink!
  •  Biff. A local college boy who begins to fall for Jackie Morse. He can assist Bradley at times.
  •  Dr. Wells. The other doctor of the game. He is at the Pratt University Lab and is essential for the game. You must deliver your findings to him so he can give you a report, which you must use to locate the ant Colony. 
  •  Billy Bob Morse. A cult leader, and the father of Jackie. If you try to take Jackie from him, his knife will have something to say about it.
  •  Jackie Morse. Billy’s daughter, and girlfriend to a local bouncer. She may have something in her car that you might need…
  •  Dusty. A radio operator who talks to you and gives you advice from time to time. She may also have romantic feelings for Dr. Greg Bradley….but who can say?

It Came From the Desert Titles of Video Games in the Series 

While normally, expansions aren’t included in these lists, for the sake of simplicity, it will be listed here.

  • It Came from the Desert (1989).
  •  It Came from the Desert: Antheads (1990)

It Came From the Desert Cheat Codes 

Practice Mode

At the PC Engine CD boot screen, hold any of the following buttons:

Fight The Queen AntHold Left and press Run.
Overhead BattleHold I and press Run.
Play The MinesHold II and press Run.
See The Bad EndingHold Up and press Run.
See The CreditsHold Down and press Run.

It Came From the Desert Cheat Code FAQ

Are there multiple endings? There are two, one where the player succeeds and destroys the ant colony, and one where they fail.

Can I trust anyone in the game? Probably not.

What do I need to do to win? Collect Evidence, don’t rush, and don’t act like this is a modern-day shooter. You’ll be rewarded if you are patient, take samples and recordings, and act like a scientist, not a warrior.

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