Join Us Friday for an Infinite Warfare Multiplayer Livestream!

Join Us Friday for an Infinite Warfare Multiplayer Livestream!

Tune in Friday, October 14, at 7PM EST to watch some Infinite Warfare multiplayer action.

We’re less than a month away from Infinite Warfare goodness. The game has gone gold, many of us are already working on getting the Platinum in the Modern Warfare Remastered campaign, and our bodies are ready for some Infinite Warfare multiplayer action. We won’t have to wait long. The Infinite Warfare multiplayer beta kicks off this Friday on PS4, and we’re going to be there when the bullets and lasers start flying.

Tune in to our YouTube channel this Friday, October 14, at 7PM EST where yours truly will be livestreaming some Infinite Warfare multiplayer action. Be sure to subscribe to the channel and enable notifications, that way you’ll know the minute we go live. We’ll be running, gunning, boosting, wall-running, and owning noobs generally. The beta is packed with content – here’s a little of what you can expect to see on Friday barring server issues or technical problems:

New Maps

Infinity Ward has promised at least three brand-new maps. “Frontier” is a smaller, indoor space station. “Frost” is a medium-sized frozen environment with plenty of verticality. “Throwback” will be a goofier map; a Main Street USA 1950s fantasy.

Combat Rigs

I’m going to give you all a taste of what you can expect with the new “Combat Rigs” system, which is basically a class system to replace the Specialists from Black Ops 3 . Combat Rigs each have their own unique payloads, which include weapons and gear; and traits, which are essentially perks. There will be six Combat Rigs in Infinite Warfare , which all cater to a specific playstyle. Three of those Rigs will be available in the beta, including:

  • Warfighter – This is the most balanced and accessible Combat Rig. This is best suited for medium ranged fighters who like to keep their options open.
  • Merc – The Merc Rig is for those of you who love your heavy weapons. This is a highly defensive, highly supportive class that can dish out a ton of damage in very little time. Pick this Rig when you want to unleash hell and provide cover-fire for your squad in objective-based modes.
  • Synaptic – The Synaptic Rig acts almost as a foil to the Merc. Synaptic is all about speed and close-quarters combat. If you love to run and gun with a pair of SMGs and a long, lethal blade, the Synaptic Combat Rig is for you.
Join Us Friday for an Infinite Warfare Multiplayer Livestream!

Like in Call of Duty s past, you can switch up your class or Combat Rig mid-match. I’ll be spending plenty of time with all three during my stream, so be sure to tune in and see which Combat Rig appeals to you most. I’ll do my best to exploit their individual strengths and unique gear to uncover some viable strategies for when you hop in November 4.

I’ll also try to play at least one match in every game mode. During the beta we’ll be playing a standard Team Deathmatch, of course. Domination and Kill Confirmed will also be available. A new mode, called Defender, will also be playable. Defender is basically “oddball.” You’re tasked with retrieving and holding a probe longer than the enemy team. It looks like a bloody good game of keep-away to us.

As you can see there’s a lot to look forward to, so join us this Friday at 7PM EST. Say hello in the chat while you’re there, and I’ll try my best not to play like a noob.

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