League of Legends Team Builder Entering Beta Today

League of Legends Team Builder Entering Beta Today

As mentioned in the League of Legends Patch 4.1 patch notes , the new Team Builder feature is going into live Beta, and will roll-out in staggered periods across the game’s regional servers, with each server getting 48 hours of the Beta each.

The roll-out will start with the RU and EUNE servers starting this week. The whole Beta begins from March 3 (today) until March 7 (Friday). Riot has taken into account the size of each region and their respective available architecture, hardware and playerbase, and thus designed the staggered timetable for the feature.

Riot has laid out the schedule of the Team Builder’s Beta across League of Legends’ servers, which can be found on the official League of Legends website . The schedule is divided up into batches for your convenience. Each batch with have 48 hours each, and is as follows:

// Batch # 1

  • RU

  • EUNE

// Batch # 2

  • TR

  • EUW

// Batch # 3

  • BR

  • NA

// Batch # 4

  • OCE

  • KR

// Batch # 5

  • LAS

  • LAN

The Team Builder will be available in normal blind and draft gamemodes for unranked Summoner’s Rift matchmaking. If all things go well, Riot may look into applying some or all of the Team Builder’s features into other queues and gamemodes in the future.

Because this is a new feature to the game, Team Builder will not be available for ranked matches, as Riot aren’t sure how the Team Builder can incorporate ranked mode’s competitive nature into its design.

What’s more, the Team Builder allows you and your teammates to play as you like, encouraging you to experiment with different roles and champion compositions, and will (hopefully) create an environment where “troll picks” can be looked upon as a way of experimentation, instead of some sort of hindrance.

For more information, there is an FAQ available here .

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