One For All Briefly Returns to League of Legends

One For All Briefly Returns to League of Legends

The last time League of Legends saw the One For All gamemode was a few months ago, where players could pick one champion for all team members to play as, something that’s an impossibility in the game’s regular gamemodes – one champion for each player.

Now with the gamemode being reintroduced for a short period of time, a twist has been added. When One For All goes live on Thursday, May 29 through to Sunday, June 8, it’ll be added to the Howling Abyss map, entitled “One For All: Mirror Mode”.

Instead of two teams of five players playing as the same champion each, One For All: Mirror Mode forces both teams to play as the one champion. So, instead of two teams each playing as one champion, both teams will be playing with the same champion. If there’s no champion with a majority vote, the remaining champs will be chosen at random depending on how many votes they have.

After playing your first game of One For All: Mirror Mode, you’ll receive the One For All icon, which will become a permanent addition to your icon collection once it syncs with your account.

Finally, the gamemode also allows for you to purchase a Battle Boost (150 Riot Points), which will temporarily unlock all the available skins for both yourself and your allies for the match’s chosen champion. Additionally, all your teammates (even you) will gain a 100 IP boost for one game.

This is determined by the combined nominations of both teams, and a tracker will show the voted champions. If one champion gains the majority vote, they will be chosen for both teams.

League of Legends ’ previous gamemode features include Hexakill , Team Builder and Ultra Rapid Fire .

Hexakill was Summoner’s Rift (a five-on-five map), but with one more player added into the mix for each team. The addition of a sixth player kinda throws the typical strategies of 2-1-2 (two Top-lane, one Mid-lane, two Bottom-lane) or 1-1-1-2 (one Top-lane, one Jungler, one Mid-lane, two Bottom-lane) into the air a wee bit, as it allows for some unorthodox tactics, such as double Junglers or a roaming Support in addition to the Support helping out the ADC.

Team Builder first started off as being a Beta feature, but it later became a fully released and permanent addition to the game. Team Builder opened up a new way for League of Legends players to experiment with role compositions, player positioning, and it made the matchmaking experience a lot more streamlined (albeit with hiccups every now and then).

Lastly, Ultra Rapid Fire was initially an April Fool’s joke and it was a gamemode where pretty much everything in the game is sped up. Taking place on the Summoner’s Rift map, every champion began with 80 percent cooldown reduction on their respective abilities, items and summoner spells. What’s more, mana costs had been removed, resulting in unlimited mana, and attack speed bonuses for ranged champions were doubled.

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