Mass Effect 3 Leaks All Over The Place

Mass Effect 3 Leaks All Over The Place


Are you participating in the new Xbox Dashboard beta? If so, you may have noticed that the Mass Effect 3 Private Internal Beta was available to download for a very brief period of time.

Jesse Houston, producer on Mass Effect 3, said that some of the game’s “internal story files have been leaked” in a recent forum post, and mentioned that they “are still investigating.” The Mass Effect team urges fans not to read spoilers or play the beta, as the leaked content isn’t necessarily representative of the final game.

The beta contains a lot of interesting info about the final game. For example, it includes three speculatively named gameplay modes: “action mode,” “story mode,” and “RPG mode.” Once again, these modes are not in their final versions and could be drastically altered—or even removed—by the game’s launch on March 6 of next year.

Screenshots and videos of the beta have been showing up all around the web, but they are just as quickly being taken down. BioWare has already sent a cease and desist order to NeoGAF after they released a considerable amount of this info, and several YouTube videos of the beta have been deleted.

The leak wasn’t even that big. It was essentially the same gameplay already seen at press events, only open to a tiny portion of the public. Either way, the beta has been taken down now. If you want to see any videos of it, hurry before they are all wiped from existence.

By Angelo M. D’Argenio

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