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Cheat mode

While in town, press Minus to pause the game. Then, press 2, 1, Down, Up, Down, Up, Left, Left, Right, Right to display the password screen with a virtual keyboard. Enter one of the following case-sensitive passwords to activate the corresponding cheat function:

    Bunk Bed: F3nevr0
    Camouflage Pants: N10ng5g
    Diamond Vest: Tglg0ca
    Genie Outfit: Gvsb3k1
    Hourglass Couch: Ghtymba
    Kimono Dress: I3hkdvs
    Modern Couch: T7srhca
    Racecar Bed: Ahvmrva
    Rickshaw Bed: Itha7da
    White Jacket: R705aan


Achieve 100% of the indicated interest in your town to unlock the corresponding Sim. A message stating that a special guest will be waiting for you in the hotel will appear. Go there the next day to find that person.

    Amazing Daryl: 100% Fun
    Chancellor Ikara: 100% Tasty
    Hopper: 100% Cute
    Mel: 100% Spooky
    Samurai Bob: 100% Studious
    Star: 100% Geeky

Town rank rewards

Achieve the indicated town rank to be able to use the corresponding item:

    Crowbar: One star
    Saw: Two stars
    Pick Axe: Three stars
    Blow Torch: Four stars
    Town Monument Blueprint: Five stars

DS version reference

When you are decorating Elmira’s library, one decoration will be a bust of Mayor Helen, who is the mayor in the DS version.

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