New Arkham City DLC Released Today

New Arkham City DLC Released Today


Batman: Arkham City has a little more flair now, as the Arkham City Skins pack is available to purchase from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace, Games for Windows – LIVE, and the PlayStation Network Store. For a simple purchase of 400 Microsoft points or five bucks, you will get:

  • 1970s Batsuit Skin

  • Year One Batman Skin

  • The Dark Knight Returns Skin

  • Earth One Batman Skin

  • Batman Beyond Batman Skin

  • Animated Batman Skin

  • Sinestro Corps Batman Skin

    Quite frankly, the skin pack has pretty much every costume I could possibly want, except for maybe classic Adam West Batman. Or perhaps The Brave and the Bold Batman. Oh, or what about the Batman from the Batman and Robin film, complete with Bat-nipples?

    By Angelo M. D’Argenio

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