NFL GameDay ’99 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for PlayStation (PSX)

NFL GameDay ’99 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for PlayStation (PSX)

NFL GameDay ’99 Bonus teams

At the team selection screen, press Circle to access various Superbowl and All-Star teams. -From: [email protected]

Onside kick

Press X when the bar is at its lowest to do a short kick that will bounce back while the returning team is not ready.

Cheat Codes

Enter the options screen and choose the “Easter Eggs” selection. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Result Code
Large football BIG BALLS
Harder tackles BIG HITS
No penalties BLINDERS
All players’ last names are BOBO BOBO
Big players BUNYON
Speed juiced COFFEE BREAK
CPU hides pass coverage CON MAN
CPU players are faster CPU SCORES
CPU offensive line has super strength and speed CPU STUFFS
View credits CREDITS
Faster and stronger running back DAVIS
Zero stamina and more fatigue injuries EGG HEAD
All players have European last names EURO LEAGUE
All players are equal EVEN TEAMS
Tiny players FLEA CIRCUS
Bonus difficulty level GD CHALLENGE
Red redzones, checkered touchdown area, invisible field goals GRUDGE MATCH
More hamstring injuries HAMSTRUNG
Longer and higher punts HANGTIME
Players named after basketball players HOOPS
CPU player celebrates in the open field HOT SHOT
Invisible players INVISIBLE
Scrambled frame rate ITS IN THE FPS
CPU knows your play MIND READER
Small, fast players POP WARNER
Players named after Presidents PRESIDENTS
CPU makes big plays PRIME TIME
Players have red string attached to head PUPPETS
Players named after programmers RED ZONE
Ball carrier has speed bursts ROCKET MAN
See cheerleaders after a game SLIDESHOW
All players have last name from credits SPORTS
Juiced endurance STAMINA
Longer field goals STEEL LEG
Receivers catch better STICKEM
Swim move juiced SWIMMERS
Televisions in players’ stomachs TELE TUMMY
Quick fatigue WEAK

Game Shark Codes

Home Team Scores 0 80108456 0000
801088F0 0000
Home Team Scores 99 80108456 0000
801088F0 0063
Home Team Score Modifier 80108456 0000
801088F0 00??
Away Team Scores 0 80108458 0000
801088F4 0000
Away Team Scores 99 80108458 0000
801088F4 0063
Away Team Score Modifier 80108458 0000
801088F4 00??
Home Team All-Star Bears 800C6BA0 001F
Home Team All-Star Bengals 800C6BA0 0020
Home Team All-Star Bills 800C6BA0 0021
Home Team All-Star Broncos 800C6BA0 0022
Home Team All-Star Buccaneers 800C6BA 00023
Home Team All-Star Cardinals 800C6BA0 0024
Home Team All-Star Chargers 800C6BA0 0025
Home Team All-Star Chiefs 800C6BA0 0026
Home Team All-Star Colts 800C6BA0 0027
Home Team All-Star Cowboys 800C6BA0 0028
Home Team All-Star Dolphins 800C6BA0 0029
Home Team All-Star Eagles 800C6BA0 002A
Home Team All-Star Falcons 800C6BA0 002B
Home Team All-Star 49ers 800C6BA0 002C
Home Team All-Star Giants 800C6BA0 0002D
Home Team All-Star Jaguars 800C6BA0 002E
Home Team All-Star Jets 800C6BA0 002F
Home Team All-Star Lions 800C6BA0 0030
Home Team All-Star Oilers 800C6BA0 0031
Home Team All-Star Packers 800C6BA0 0032
Home Team All-Star Panthers 800C6BA0 0033
Home Team All-Star Patriots 800C6BA0 0034
Home Team All-Star Raiders 800C6BA0 0035
Home Team All-Star Rams 800C6BA0 0036
Home Team All-Star Ravens 800C6BA0 0037
Home Team All-Star Redskins 800C6BA0 0038
Home Team All-Star Saints 800C6BA0 0039
Home Team All-Star Seahawks 800C6BA0 003A
Home Team All-Star Steelers 800C6BA0 003B
Home Team All-Star Vikings 800C6BA0 003C
Home Team ’67 Packers 800C6BA0 003D
Home Team ’67 Chiefs 800C6BA0 003E
Home Team ’68 Packers 800C6BA0 003F
Home Team ’68 Raiders 800C6BA0 0040
Home Team ’69 Jets 800C6BA0 0041
Home Team ’69 Colts 800C6BA0 0042
Home Team ’70 Chiefs 800C6BA0 0043
Home Team ’70 Vikings 800C6BA0 0044
Home Team ’71 Colts 800C6BA0 0045
Home Team ’71 Cowboys 800C6BA0 0046
Home Team ’72 Cowboys 800C6BA0 0047
Home Team ’72 Dolphins 800C6BA0 0048
Home Team ’73 Dolphins 800C6BA0 0049
Home Team ’73 Redskins 800C6BA0 004A
Home Team ’74 Dolphins 800C6BA0 004B
Home Team ’74 Vikings 800C6BA0 004C
Home Team ’75 Steelers 800C6BA0 004D
Home Team ’75 Vikings 800C6BA0 004E
Home Team ’76 Steelers 800C6BA0 004F
Home Team ’76 Cowboys 800C6BA0 0050
Home Team ’77 Raiders 800C6BA0 0051
Home Team ’77 Vikings 800C6BA0 0052
Home Team ’78 Cowboys 800C6BA0 0053
Home Team ’78 Broncos 800C6BA0 0054
Home Team ’79 Steelers 800C6BA0 0055
Home Team ’79 Cowboys 800C6BA0 0056
Home Team ’80 Steelers 800C6BA0 0057
Home Team ’80 Rams 800C6BA0 0058
Home Team ’81 Raiders 800C6BA0 0059
Home Team ’81 Eagles 800C6BA0 005A
Home Team ’82 49ers 800C6BA0 005B
Home Team ’82 Bengals 800C6BA0 005C
Home Team ’83 Redskins 800C6BA0 005D
Home Team ’83 Dolphins 800C6BA0 005E
Home Team ’84 Raiders 800C6BA0 005F
Home Team ’84 Redskins 800C6BA0 0060
Home Team ’85 49ers 800C6BA0 0061
Home Team ’85 Dolphins 800C6BA0 0062
Home Team ’86 Bears 800C6BA0 0063
Home Team ’86 Patriots 800C6BA0 0064
Home Team ’87 Giants 800C6BA0 0065
Home Team ’87 Broncos 800C6BA0 0066
Home Team ’88 Redskins 800C6BA0 0067
Home Team ’88 Broncos 800C6BA0 0068
Home Team ’89 49ers 800C6BA0 0069
Home Team ’89 Bengals 800C6BA0 006A
Home Team ’90 49ers 800C6BA0 006B
Home Team ’90 Broncos 800C6BA0 006C
Home Team ’91 Giants 800C6BA0 006D
Home Team ’91 Bills 800C6BA0 006E
Home Team ’92 Redskins 800C6BA0 006F
Home Team ’92 Bills 800C6BA0 0070
Home Team ’93 Cowboys 800C6BA0 0071
Home Team ’93 Bills 800C6BA0 0072
Home Team ’94 Cowboys 800C6BA0 0073
Home Team ’94 Bills 800C6BA0 0074
Home Team ’95 49ers 800C6BA0 0075
Home Team ’95 Chargers 800C6BA0 0076
Home Team ’96 Cowboys 800C6BA0 0077
Home Team ’96 Steelers 800C6BA0 0078
Home Team ’97 Packers 800C6BA0 0079
Home Team ’97 Patriots 800C6BA0 007A
Home Team ’98 Broncos 800C6BA0 007B
Home Team ’98 Packers 800C6BA0 007C
Away Team All-Star Bears 800C6B84 001F
Away Team All-Star Bengals 800C6B84 0020
Away Team All-Star Bills 800C6B84 0021
Away Team All-Star Broncos 800C6B84 0022
Away Team All-Star Buccaneers 800C6B84 0023
Away Team All-Star Cardinals 800C6B84 0024
Away Team All-Star Chargers 800C6B84 0025
Away Team All-Star Chiefs 800C6B84 0026
Away Team All-Star Colts 800C6B84 0027
Away Team All-Star Cowboys 800C6B84 0028
Away Team All-Star Dolphins 800C6B84 0029
Away Team All-Star Eagles 800C6B84 002A
Away Team All-Star Falcons 800C6B84 002B
Away Team All-Star 49ers 800C6B84 002C
Away Team All-Star Giants 800C6B84 002D
Away Team All-Star Jaguars 800C6B84 002E
Away Team All-Star Jets 800C6B84 002F
Away Team All-Star Lions 800C6B84 0030
Away Team All-Star Oilers 800C6B84 0031
Away Team All-Star Packers 800C6B84 0032
Away Team All-Star Panthers 800C6B84 0033
Away Team All-Star Patriots 800C6B84 0034
Away Team All-Star Raiders 800C6B84 0035
Away Team All-Star Rams 800C6B84 0036
Away Team All-Star Ravens 800C6B84 0037
Away Team All-Star Redskins 800C6B84 0038
Away Team All-Star Saints 800C6B84 0039
Away Team All-Star Seahawks 800C6B84 003A
Away Team All-Star Steelers 800C6B84 003B
Away Team All-Star Vikings 800C6B84 003C
Away Team ’67 Packers 800C6B84 003D
Away Team ’67 Chiefs 800C6B84 003W
Away Team ’68 Packers 800C6B84 003F
Away Team ’68 Raiders 800C6B84 0040
Away Team ’69 Jets 800C6B84 0041
Away Team ’69 Colts 800C6B84 0042
Away Team ’70 Chiefs 800C6B84 0043
Away Team ’70 Vikings 800C6B84 0044
Away Team ’71 Colts 800C6B84 0045
Away Team ’71 Cowboys 800C6B84 0046
Away Team ’72 Cowboys 800C6B84 0047
Away Team ’72 Dolphins 800C6B84 0048
Away Team ’73 Dolphins 800C6B84 0049
Away Team ’73 Redskins 800C6B84 004A
Away Team ’74 Dolphins 800C6B84 004B
Away Team ’74 Vikings 800C6B84 004C
Away Team ’75 Steelers 800C6B84 004D
Away Team ’75 Vikings 800C6B84 004E
Away Team ’76 Steelers 800C6B84 004F
Away Team ’76 Cowboys 800C6B84 0050
Away Team ’77 Raiders 800C6B84 0051
Away Team ’77 Vikings 800C6B84 0052
Away Team ’78 Cowboys 800C6B84 0053
Away Team ’78 Broncos 800C6B84 0054
Away Team ’79 Steelers 800C6B84 0055
Away Team ’79 Cowboys 800C6B84 0056
Away Team ’80 Steelers 800C6B84 0057
Away Team ’80 Rams 800C6B84 0058
Away Team ’81 Raiders 800C6B84 0059
Away Team ’81 Eagles 800C6B84 005A
Away Team ’82 49ers 800C6B84 005B
Away Team ’82 Bengals 800C6B84 005C
Away Team ’83 Redskins 800C6B84 005D
Away Team ’83 Dolphins 800C6B84 005E
Away Team ’84 Raiders 800C6B84 005F
Away Team ’84 Redskins 800C6B84 0060
Away Team ’85 49ers 800C6B84 0061
Away Team ’85 Dolphins 800C6B84 0062
Away Team ’86 Bears 800C6B84 0063
Away Team ’86 Patriots 800C6B84 0064
Away Team ’87 Giants 800C6B84 0065
Away Team ’87 Broncos 800C6B84 0066
Away Team ’88 Redskins 800C6B84 0067
Away Team ’88 Broncos 800C6B84 0068
Away Team ’89 49ers 800C6B84 0069
Away Team ’89 Bengals 800C6B84 006A
Away Team ’90 49ers 800C6B84 006B
Away Team ’90 Broncos 800C6B84 006C
Away Team ’91 Giants 800C6B84 006D
Away Team ’91 Bills 800C6B84 006E
Away Team ’92 Redskins 800C6B84 006F
Away Team ’92 Bills 800C6B84 0070
Away Team ’93 Cowboys 800C6B84 0071
Away Team ’93 Bills 800C6B84 0072
Away Team ’94 Cowboys 800C6B84 0073
Away Team ’94 Bills 800C6B84 0074
Away Team ’95 49ers 800C6B84 0075
Away Team ’95 Chargers 800C6B84 0076
Away Team ’96 Cowboys 800C6B84 0077
Away Team ’96 Steelers 800C6B84 0078
Away Team ’97 Packers 800C6B84 0079
Away Team ’97 Patriots 800C6B84 007A
Away Team ’98 Broncos 800C6B84 007B
Away Team ’98 Packers 800C6B84 007C
Easter Egg Codes
Credits 3010F360 0001
Even Teams 3010F361 0001
Big Balls 3010F362 0001
Hamstrung 3010F363 0001
Weak 3010F364 0001
Blinders 3010F365 0001
Big Hits 3010F366 0001
Stell Leg 3010F367 0001
Stickem 3010F368 0001
Its in the fps 3010F369 0001
Prime Time 3010F36A 0001
Tele Tummy 3010F36B 0001
Davis 3010F36C 0001
Rocket Man 3010F36D 0001
Bobo 3010F36E 0001
Presidents 3010F36F 0001
Flea Circus 3010F370 0001
Grudge Match 3010F371 0001
Playing Cars 3010F372 0001
Bunyon 3010F373 0001
Hangtime 3010F374 0001
Pop Warner 3010F375 0001
Slide Show 3010F376 0001
Hot Shot 3010F377 0001
GD Challenge 3010F378 0001
Egg Head 3010F379 0001
CPU Scores 3010F37A 0001
CPU Scores 3010F37B 0001
Mind Reader 3010F37C 0001
Coffee Break 3010F37D 0001
Swimmers 3010F37E 0001
Con Man 3010F37F 0001
Euro League 3010F380 0001
Puppets 3010F381 0001
Stamina 3010F382 0001
Sports 3010F383 0001

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