Nintendo Attends Indie Event to Show Off Games

Nintendo Attends Indie Event to Show Off Games

A good indie game to come around every now and then to turn some heads is good for the industry, and this year’s IndieCade will be showing off a lot of them.

Taking place on Thursday, October 10, through to Sunday, October 12, the IndieCade event will be taking place in Culver City, California, where it’ll be showcasing the future of independent games, as well as encouraging, publicizing, and cultivating “ innovation and  artistry in interactive media, ” as explained on the official IndieCade website . The event’s mission is to promote and facilitate “ the production of new works within the emerging independent game movement.

What’s more is that bigwig company Nintendo will also be attending IndieCade, and it’ll be bringing along with it several of its own indie games to show off. Not only will it be highlighting 15 playable indie games for both the Wii U and the 3DS, but it’ll also highlight the creative developers behind the games as well.

Referred to as “Nindies” (Nintendo independent developers), the developers of the showcased games will be available in person to demonstrate their respective games, as well as share their experiences in games development.

Nintendo has always supported creativity and innovation in video games, ” Steve Singer, Nintendo of America’s vice president of Licensing, said in a press release published on Thursday, October 10. “ These Nindie developers are currently making some of the most exciting and imaginative games out there, and Nintendo is pleased to offer them multiple platforms to bring their creative ideas to life.

IndieCade attendees will be able to try out the Nindie games at Nintendo’s own booth, of which many of them will be playable for the first time. The full list of playable titles to a anticipate for both the Wii U and the 3DS has been detailed below, courtesy of the press release.

  • Affordable Space Adventures from KnapNok Games : A 2D side-scrolling spaceship simulator. Players use the Wii U GamePad controller as a “Heads-Down Display” in the spaceship cockpit. Play it alone, or fly as a crew of two or three players. Exclusively on Wii U.

  • The Fall from Over the Moon Games : The Fall is a unique blend of adventure-game puzzle solving and side-scrolling action. Players take on the role of ARID, the artificial intelligence onboard a high-tech combat suit.

  • Costume Quest 2 from Midnight City : Pick a fight with demented dental soldiers in Costume Quest 2 , the sequel to the hit original RPG, Costume Quest . Includes a range of new features and game-play improvements.

  • Stealth Inc. 2 from Curve Digital : Players step into the role of a clone escaping a sinister and high-tech testing facility in this puzzle-platformer. The game tests brainpower and reflexes in more than 60 levels linked together by a detailed world. Exclusively on Wii U.

  • Swords & Soldiers II from Ronimo Games BV : Like its predecessor, Swords & Soldiers II is a side-scrolling strategy game that allows players to buy units, cast spells and build structures to overwhelm their enemies on a 2D battleground. Exclusively on Wii U.

  • Runbow from 13AM Games : Runbow is a party action game for up to nine players. Platforms and obstacles appear and disappear as the background color changes, so players have to think fast, stay alive and make it to victory in Run, King of the Hill and Arena modes. Exclusively on Wii U.

  • Sportsball from TOO DX : Up to four players take the reins of exotic birds that flap, tackle and dunk balls into the net for points and glory, leaving their opponents as feathery tarred balls of shame. Exclusively on Wii U.

  • Chariot from Frima : Chariot is a physics-based co-op platformer in which a brave princess and her suitor carry a funeral wagon through ancient caves to bury the King’s remains in a gold-filled tomb.

  • Beatbuddy from THREAKS : The action-adventure Beatbuddy combines puzzle solving and enemy vanquishing with exploration, set to an original soundtrack.

Nintendo 3DS

  • Woah Dave! from Choice Provisions : In Woah Dave! , players gun for digital glory by slaughtering aliens, stealing their loose change and racking up the highest score possible.

  • Xeodrifter from Renegade Kid LLC : A story of an interstellar drifter traveling the stars on a simple mission of exploration, Xeodrifter offers classic 2D platforming, shooting and exploration game play that will test players’ skills. Exclusively on Nintendo 3DS.

Wii U and Nintendo 3DS

  • Shovel Knight from Yacht Club Games : A sweeping classic action-adventure game with intense platforming, memorable characters and an 8-bit retro aesthetic. Play as the eponymous Shovel Knight, a small knight with a huge quest!

  • Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse from WayForward : Set sail for adventure with Shantae, the belly-dancing, hair-whipping half-genie. When Shantae loses her genie magic, she must team up with her arch nemesis Risky Boots and become a pirate in order to save Sequin Land from an evil curse. Exclusively on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

We’ll bring you more news on Nintendo should further information reach our ears.

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