Nintendo Media Summit: DSi Confirmed

Nintendo Media Summit: DSi Confirmed


Rumors have proved to be fact.

Nintendo announced today that they will be releasing a new handheld called the DSi.

The new portable will initially launch in Japan only on November 1 for 18,900 yen (approximately $180).  Two colors, white and black, will be available.

The DSi indeed features larger screens, an SD card slot for digital downloads via the DSi Store and music playback, built-in browser support, as well as a camera.  Also, the DSi is significantly thinner than the DSLite.

The DSi Store will feature DSiWare downloads that includes both games and applications.  The store will be very similar to that of the iTunes App Store.  In fact, the new DSi menu will feature an interface that allows you to continually add programs.  Prices of the programs and games will range from free-ware to 900 points.

Unfortunately, there is no GBA support provided.  That means playing Guitar Hero On Tour will be an impossibility with the new rig.  Also, battery life will be somewhat reduced, though the device will recharge more quickly.

The screens, though larger by one quarter inch, have the same technical specs.  However, the DSi does feature an additional brightness setting.

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