Nintendo Might Release its Own Official Game Boy Emulator

Nintendo Might Release its Own Official Game Boy Emulator

Game Boy classics of old can be played in either one of two ways, this author believes: an actual Game Boy or Game Boy Advance handheld console, or an emulator for either your smartphone or PC. The latter may be considered a grey area for some, while others may jump on the opportunity to play 20-plus-year-old games for free if it can be done so conveniently on their smartphone / PC.

However, word has come around that Nintendo may be bringing it out its own official emulator for its Game Boy games, as the company has filed a patent for such. This patent, according to reports, could bring old Game Boy games to smartphones and other devices through an official emulator owned by NIntendo.

The patent  itself (filed at the US Patent & Trademark Office) was filed back in June this year, and it describes emulating games for the Game Boy, Game Boy Color and the Game Boy Advance on mobile phones, as well as–curiously enough–on the backs of seats in trains and airplanes. This is possibly so travellers have something to do while on their journey, this author thinks.

However, as with the case with other filed patents, just because Nintendo have filed for an emulator doesn’t necessarily mean that the company will actually act on it; it could just be Nintendo securing the option, just in case. The patent itself has also been reported to be an updated version of another, similar patent owned by Nintendo.

While Nintendo already emulates some of its older titles on the Wii, Wii U and 3DS, this patent–should it be acted upon–may bring in a new share of revenue for the company. However, it would be best to not get your hopes up just yet.

We’ll bring you more news on this should further information reach our ears.

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[ Via: GameSpot / TechCrunch ]

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