Nintendo to Use Viral Marketing Campaign in Order to Name the Next Mario Game*

Nintendo to Use Viral Marketing Campaign in Order to Name the Next Mario Game*


Put a name to Nintendo’s new video game and get filthy rich!

Nintendo is producing a new video game that will feature the world’s most famous mascot, Mario in a multi-genre, action adventure game. The game will be released for both the Wii and the DS for sale in the Fall of 09, just in time for the Holiday Season, and that means big sales.

Nintendo plans to spend millions on advertising and this “Name the Game” promotion is guaranteed to generate millions in free publicity as contestants will be required to upload their names and promo ideas on YouTube and FaceBook where their creations will be voted on by the general public. Random prize draws will be awarded for voter as a way to entice them to cast their votes. The winning name will be chosen by a panel of Nintedo executives and the winner will be awarded one million, plus 5-percent of all future sales of the game. That could translate to tens of millions of dollars.

Previews of the game will be presented on Nintendo’s website starting this summer. Here the storyline will be revealed, in addition to twenty minutes of actual game footage for both the DS and the Wii. Contestants will be asked to not only name the game but to present a short promotional video as well that can be viewed online at YouTube and linked by FaceBook. The more positive votes a contestant gets, the greater the chances of advancing to the finals. The game is open to everyone, everywhere – with the exception of communist countries and the province of Saskatchewan, Canada where the average individual’s IQ is lower than a moose.

“We’re really excited about this contest,” beams Ernie Fuku, Senior Executive of Promotions, “And we’re especially happy that we don’t have to deal with residents of Saskatchewan this time. Those people just don’t get it. The last contest we had they kept calling us to ask what our phone number was. Obviously they had our phone number or else they wouldn’t have been able to call us. So I said if we’re going to have another contest, I’m going to quit if we allow Saskatchewan to participate. Luckily everyone in the world agreed with me and that was the end of that.” Fuku explains.

A spokesperson for the province of Saskatchewan emailed a response to Fuku’s statement.

“I am typing this email on behalf of the President of Saskatchewan, as he cannot type, (and neither can he read). He would like the world to know that his province of Saskatchewan is not taking too kindly to these remarks, and that pickup trucks are being gassed up and shotguns are being loaded as hundreds of Saskatchewan men are planning on driving to Japan for a real western showdown. (It’s me the secretary… he doesn’t know where Japan is. He thinks it’s down south past Mexico. As I mentioned he can’t read so he won’t know I’m telling you this. He stinks of fertilizer. You have no idea how bad the smell is in this office. I’m really hoping its fertilizer. OMG he’s scratching his privates with a bent coat hanger. Please get me out of here.)

Nintendo declined to comment any further, at least until they stop laughing.

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