Online Multiplayer Heading to Original Killer Instinct

Online Multiplayer Heading to Original Killer Instinct

An announcement was posted on Ultra Combo, the name of the official Killer Instinct forums, that online multiplayer would be introduced to the original 1984 Killer Instinct . Coined as a Christmas bonus for Killer Instinct fans and enthusiasts alike, the Xbox One version of Killer Instinct , called Killer Instinct Classic 1 , received online multiplayer capability via a new update, which was released on December 23.

As an Xmas Bonus: I just received word that KI Classic 1 will get an update to add online multiplayer TONIGHT via our friends at Code Mystics. The rollout should occur around 5pm Pacific time, ” announced IGS_Kraig, a moderator behind the Killer Instinct forum.

In addition to that, details on an update heading towards the 2013’s Killer Instinct were also detailed. Changes include fan-requested options such as being able to disable the right analog stick if you so desire.  The update will also allow for seamless transition between the Single Player, Multiplayer, and Store menus, too.

Here is the full information from the announcement:

  • We updated the front page of Ultra-combo.com. If you scroll down to the Season 1 Changelist, you can now see an image of the Story Mode Mural!

  • Riptor’s correct Ultra Music is not playing because of a bug. We’re trying to fix that via patch before the next Content Update.

  • When you unlock a Story Mode XP bonus, that XP is Player XP only (not Character XP also).

  • There is a known issue with Story Mode XP sometimes unlocking, but not depositing. We’re investigating a fix for that as well.

You can read the full details of Killer Instinct’s forthcoming update via the source link below.

[ Source(s): Ultra Combo ]

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