Killer Instinct Update Detailed

Killer Instinct Update Detailed

Double Helix disclosed details on its latest update for its Xbox One Beat ‘em Up Killer Instinct on January 2, listing off general bug fixes, introducing in-game and online updates, and gameplay and character updates too.

The full update list is available in a post by one of the Double Helix team, but let me give you a general overview of what you can expect with this latest update.

First, character rotation will be added to the game, replacing Jago with Sabrewulf, giving the ol’ pup a chance in the available-for-free spotlight. This feature is similar to League of Legends’ champion rotation, where a number of champions are free to use until the next rotation, where another set of champions are shuffled into rotation. What’s more is that sign-in changes via the Kinect will no longer erase any saves players may have and the game now has full controller support, meaning that you’re now able to plug a wired pad into any USB port and it’ll work as normal.

Next, a character select option has now been added to the pause screen of local versus and the game will now pause when the second player’s controller is removed, so either the game will pause whenever the pad runs out of battery life or will be disconnected from the One. On the online side of things, non-XBL members can now view Killer Instinct’s leaderboards and the method points distribution for ranked games has been updated.

Also, changes to the gameplay include now being able to break out of Instinct Mode shadow combos. Previously, according to the post, there were several times where shadow moves were unbreakable after performing an Instinct Mode cancel. Now shadow moves will be fully interactable after an Instinct Mode cancellation. What’s more, once active, players will now be able to adjust their block height when in Instinct Mode.

Finally, character-specific moves have been tweaked, allowing for combos to be more versatile in what moves activate them. For exa mple, Jago’s Endokuken is now an opener when used to start a combo and Sabrewulf’s Shadow Eclipse now properly scales if used as an opener.

You can read more on Killer Instinct’s update in full over on Double Helix’s post here .

Source: Double Helix Games .

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