Operation of the Dead

Operation of the Dead


The new sim video game from d-EA-d combines elements from the vintage board game Operation, the video game Typing of the Dead, and actual medical operations. You will need the skills of a surgeon to perform your operation, and keep your patient from the realm of the dead.

In Operation of the Dead, one wrong move and your patient is dead, along with your career. The game is unforgiving, just as in real life. You begin as a general surgeon, saving people with life-threatening injuries and illnesses. As your skills grow, you work your way up to specialist, cardiologist, and eventually brain surgeon. You will receive a training and practice tutorial before each operation. When the actual operation begins, there’s no undo. If your patient dies, your worst nightmares will be realized.

It’s important to remember Operation of the Dead is based entirely on real-world situations. It’s a true sim.

Operation commands are controlled by a special joystick that replicates the utilization of specialized medical tools. A monitor magnifies the surgery area ten times. With tools in hand, and a game plan, it’s time to get to work. Steady does it. Don’t touch the sides, or it’s game over. The patient will scream, his nose will light up, and you’ll receive an incredible electric shock as instant punishment for your ineptitude. But your troubles are far from over.

You’ll have to notify the family of the deceased. That’s not fun. An investigation and subsequent malpractice lawsuits will follow. You’ll be required to fill out hours of forms, culminating with testifying in court. Keep in mind all operations are recorded and will be examined in detail to assess fault. Most often it’s your fault. Get used to it. Hopefully you’ve kept your insurance in good standing. But whether you’re exonerated, or found guilty of malpractice, you will forever be haunted by the ghost of your murdered patient. It will never let you rest in peace. Future operations will be hindered and hampered by the ghost, causing you extra stress both emotionally and physically. Add a few more botched operations to your resume, and you can look forward to sharing the operating room with a gang of obnoxious and disruptive ghosts.

The developers at d-EA-d have worked extensively with medical professionals in every field to deliver the most realistic experience imaginable. They claim the operation procedures are so precise, successful players should be able to perform them in real life. Though they are strongly advised not to, pending an actual medical license, which is available on d-EA-d’s website.

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