Patch 2.1 Drops for StarCraft II, Known Issues Detailed

Patch 2.1 Drops for StarCraft II, Known Issues Detailed

StarCraft II’s Patch 2.1 update is now available, adding a few new features to the game such as Extension Mods, improvements for Clans and Groups, various bug fixes and allowing Starter Edition players full access to StarCraft II’s Arcade and Custom Games gamemodes.

While I have already given a rundown of what to expect from the 2.1 update , I’ll very briefly go over some of the additions anyway, for the sake of your convenience. Summerized on Blizzard’s dedicated StarCraft II blog , the Patch 2.1’s patch notes include allowing Starter Edition players full access to StarCraft II’s Arcade and Custom gamemodes (including all maps, mods and games found within), as well as access to the three races–Terran, Zerg and Protoss, which have all been unlocked for Starter Edition players.

Additionally, owners of Groups or Clans will have an easier time organizing and creating events with the new Clan and Group Event Calendar feature, will allows for easier administration of particular occasions for Groups and Clans. What’s more, Clan/Group admins will also have more customization options, like submitting custom icons and decals.

Furthermore, those who are a part of StarCraft II’s modding scene will have an easier time submitting their mod to the masses with Extension Mods, which is a feature that allows modders to develop mods with parameter sets that can be published to Battle.net (basically Blizzard’s online hub for its games), which players can then apply to the repestive melee map the mod was developed for.

Since the patches release, naturally some issues have cropped up to spoil the fun a bit. Thankfully, Blizzard has detailed the known issues as well as ways to get around some of them. Some of the issues relate to updating setup files and optimization and the game’s editor, while others relate to multiplayer, Mac users and graphics.

Listed in detail on a dedicated post on the matter , Blizzard has outlined what issues are doing what to the game, and have laid down instructions on how to troubleshoot some of the issues that are easily fixable. If you’re experiencing issues similar to the ones listed, it wouldn’t hurt to check them out so that you’re aware of those issues and any other issues that you may not have noticed yet. I have listed the the known issues along with their respective links below, courtesy of the aforementioned post. The first three are issues with workaround to them, the other issues are ones that are just listed.

// 2.1 Patch Issues

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