Phony Phone Fun*

Phony Phone Fun*


Phony Phone Fun is a new and controversial game developed by TezRez which lets you play real pranks on real people over the phone. All you need is a Sony Playstation (PS1, PS2 or PS3) and an internet connection. A deviant mind and perverse sense of humor wouldn’t hurt either.

There are several features to Phony Phone Fun, all of which allow you to play pranks on people without using your real voice or revealing your identity. It’s the best passive-aggressive package on the market,” so says head developer Woolle Chuckery.

“With PPF, you’ll have a variety of high tech phone gags at your disposal. The most popular is the celebrity voice samples which include numerous phrases, taken from popular movies, that you can mix and match in relation to your victim’s answers in such a way that you can have a complete conversation with the unwitting fool. Another feature is the Rude Tranny, which actually means rude translator. You can electronically install it on any phone number and when a person calls out from that number, everything they say to the other party comes out rude and crude. It samples the person’s actual voice characteristics and basically throws in a lot of F-bombs and other expletives and disgusting phrases. It’s incredibly fun, and totally indistinguishable from the victim’s actual voice,” adds Chuckery.

The technology used in Phone Phone Fun has actually been adapted from some of the most advanced intelligent gathering organizations on the planets including the CIA, FBI, RCMP, KGB, and Scotland Yard. According to North American laws, possession and use of such technologies is not illegal as long as there is no permanent damage to the phone system, and that there is no recording of the resulting conversations without both party’s consent.

“This system is 100 per-cent untraceable. You can call anyone, anytime with impunity,” boasts Chuckery. “You won’t be guilty of breaking any laws if you don’t get caught. But you will bust a gut laughing at the victims’ reactions,” chuckles Chuckery.

In addition to the celebrity voice samples and the Rude Tranny, there is a virtual telephone un-solicitor, a voice analysis lie detector, and an automatic pizza ordering dialer which will place hundreds of orders for pizzas at locations all across the country to the address associated with the selected phone number. The telephone un-solicitor calls numbers randomly and informs them that they have not won a trip for two to the Caribbean, and neither is anything being sold, nor is any money required for anything. The lie detector analyzes anomalies in the sound wave amplitudes, detecting forms of stress in the victim’s voice patterns that indicates lying.

But not everyone is happy about this technology being made available to the general public.

“I would be afraid to answer my phone, lest some kid attempt to make a fool out of me,” says Gerard Fufkin. “I will never be able to enjoy the pleasures of the phone ever again. Why, just yesterday I had the most memorable conversation with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Right after that I got a call from Jay Leno. As if that wasn’t enough, some telemarketer called to tell me that she wasn’t trying to sell me anything, and to have a nice day. Now imagine people wanting to ruin such a thing,” Fufkin laments.

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