Pokemon Set to Celebrate Legendaries All Year Long

Pokemon Set to Celebrate Legendaries All Year Long

The Pokemon Company has announced that 2018 is going to be a big year for Pokemon fans. No, they’re not talking about a new Pokemon game, they’re talking about legendary Pokemon! 2018 will be filled with legend starting in February 2018. Every single month between February and November will mark the release of either one or two new Legendaries for anyone who owns Pokemon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun , and Ultra Moon .

While two will be releasing every month, you’ll only get one legendary that is tied to your particular copy of the game. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Sun will get a certain Pokemon, while Ultra Moon and Moon will get the other. Every single legendary will however be at least level 60 and will possibly be holding a Gold Bottle Cap. (This lets you max them out in Hyper Training).

The first legendary Pokemon release will be happening at GameStop between February 2-28, 2018. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Sun owners will get Palkia, while Ultra Moon and Moon owners will be awarded a Dialga. All you have to do is stop at a GameStop and pick up your code!

There’s no conclusive word on whether all the 2018 Legendaries will be available through GameStop, but it’s highly probable. The rest of the year’s Legendary releases will be as follows:

  • March: Heatran or Regigigas
  • April: Raikou or Entei
  • May: Xerneas or Yveltal
  • June: Shiny Zygarde
  • July: Ronadus or Thundurus
  • August: Groudon or Kyogre
  • September: Latios or Latias
  • October: Reshiram or Zekrom
  • November: Ho-Oh or Lugia

Will you be running off every month to get a legendary Pokemon for your copy of Ultra Sun , Sun , U ltra Moon , and Moon ? I know I’ve marked the months I want to try on my calendar already!

Source: Pokemon Legendary

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