Saints Row IV Mysteries Revealed

Saints Row IV Mysteries Revealed

One of the nice perks about attending a convention like PAX East as a member of the press is that we get access to some of the more in-depth and intimate discussions about upcoming games. Volition Inc. was nice enough to give such a presentation for Saints Row IV. After they wrapped up showing off what to expect from the game, they opened up the floor for a question and answer session for the twenty-some press members present. Here are some of those questions and answers:

When did development start on Saints Row IV?

Development began a few months before Saints Row The Third development ended. Saints Row IV was worked on alongside the Enter the Dominatrix expansion. However, some of the expansion’s features needed some polish. This was something producer Jason Rubin agreed with. A lot of those elements can be found in Saints Row IV, while other ideas will eventually make their way out as DLC in the future once they become more fleshed out. It was always a separate project.

How has the city of Steelport changed?

Steelport has changed in two ways. First, there’s a visual change. Remember, this is a game involving superheroes and alien enemies, so the city’s visuals reflect that. In terms of how it feels, this will be the same city horizontally. Vertically, however, the city is different. This is in part because of all the flying you’ll eventually be able to do around the city. There will be ample rooftops to fight on and visit.

How has it felt going through a publisher change?

It feels strange to have THQ gone. As for the entire process of changing publishers, it was a bit weird. There was a feeling that other publishers would enjoy the work we were putting into Saints Row IV. However, we were a bit worried about working with a new publisher; we were scared of change and scared of showing off our work to various competitors. That being said, we’re extremely happy with Deep Silver.

What’s the plan for co-op?

There will be drop-in/drop-out co-op gameplay. There will also be various co-op activities, too. For example, both players will be able to have super powers and beat each other up. There’s plenty of planned content in terms of activities that we expect you’ll enjoy.

What can we expect from territory gameplay and gangs?

Gang factions will be gone with Saints Row 4. That being said, territory gameplay is still a core experience, though we’re not entirely ready to go into further detail at this time. In addition, some familiar faces will make appearances and we expect fans to be quite pleased with this.

How do you plan on balancing gameplay around being a superhero?

We’re pretty confident that we’ll be able to convey you as being overpowered yet still be able to die. We promise there will still be a challenge. You won’t start the game out fully powered. You’ll have to work your way and gain access to various abilities as you progress through the game. Currently in terms of development, we’re focused on balancing things out.

Saints Row IV Mysteries Revealed

Will there be a release for PS4 and the next Xbox?

It could happen eventually, but as of right now, we’re not announcing anything.

Saints Row IV is due out for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC on August 20, 2013.

Jake Valentine
Contributing Writer
Date: April 15, 2013
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