Secret Footage Of Beyond Good & Evil 2 Leaked

Secret Footage Of Beyond Good & Evil 2 Leaked


Even though Beyond Good & Evil received overwhelmingly positive reviews when it was released in 2003, barely anyone actually noticed that the game even existed. By and large, it was considered an amazing breakthrough in storytelling and is still widely considered to be in a class of its own. But its poor commercial performance left fans wondering if there would ever be a sequel.

Well, in 2008 Michel Ancel and Ubisoft announced that Beyond Good & Evil 2 would finally emerge from video game purgatory and find it’s way to your favorite gaming outlet. But, unfortunately, the release schedule still remains a mystery to fans and almost everyone involved with the project.

However, a stream of interesting information slowly leaked its way onto the internet over the weekend: it seems that Ancel and crew held a super-secret meeting in Montpelier on Saturday and showed off a bit of footage from the game. During the invitation-only event, the developer revealed that their team traveled to India to do a little research into the game’s look and feel. Ancel also mentioned that Ubisoft’s engine can handle gigantic fully exportable cities.

One of the attendees managed to capture a video of the presentation and promptly leak it on to the Internet, so people have been able to enjoy some of the surreal, stylized artwork and a few clips of actual in-game footage.

Michel Ancel originally hoped that Beyond Good & Evil would spawn a trilogy of games and it’s good to see that he’s keeping that vision alive. Hopefully we won’t have to wait another decade to get our hands on it, though.

By Josh Engen

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