Slender: The Arrival Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 3 (PS3)

Slender: The Arrival Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 3 (PS3)

Slender: The Arrival Alternate ending

Successfully complete the game on the Hardcore difficulty to view an alternate ending.

Secret level

Play “Part 1: Prologue”, and examine the swing set located to the left of the house. After getting the message, enter the house, and play the piano until another message appears. Go to the back room behind the garage, and turn on the radio. Take the flashlight, then walk outside and examine the post across the street to find the missing person flyer. Once you approach the flyer, you should die. Note: This may require a few attempts. Once at the main menu again, select “New Game”, and the secret “glitched” level will start. The message “I’m lost. Can you find me?” will appear to confirm that everything was done correctly. You will now be able to explore the house. Note: There are three versions of this level.

Memories secret level

Play the “Flashback” level, and enter the wooded area. Search for a teddy bear that is leaning against a tree near the edge of the cliff to your left. It appears before you get to the building with the VHS tape player and television screen. Interact with the bear to start the secret “Memories” level.

Collectible locations

$20 reference

In the final chapter, look closely at the messages written in white on the walls of the cave. One of them reads “DONT GIVE HIM TWENTY DOLLARS”.

Easy “Fearless Fun” trophy

During “Part 1: Prologue”, go to the slide behind Kate’s house. Climb its steps to reach the wooden fort, then use the slide to get the “Fearless Fun” trophy.

Easy “I Love Radio” trophy

During “Part 1: Prologue”, find the radio near the garage in the house. Use it a few times until you get the “I Love Radio” trophy.

Easy “I’ll just take this..I guess?” trophy

The “I…I’ll just…take this..I guess?” over-sized sign is the entrance sign at the start of the “Eight Pages” level. It is near a type of cabin with a few collectibles. Hang the sign on the wall to get the “I’ll just take this..I guess?” trophy.

Easy “Insta-Killed” trophy

Play the “Genesis” level on the Hardcore difficulty. Run to find the first page, then find the other pages while looking for Slender Man. Once you see him, run to him to die and get the “Insta-Killed” trophy. Collecting more pages while waiting for him will improve the chances of his appearance.

Easy “Master Pianist” trophy

During “Part 1: Prologue”, find the piano in the house. Use it a few times until you get the “Master Pianist” trophy.

Easy “Tangled” trophy

Reach the burning forest part of the “Arrival” level. Stop moving, and allow Slender Man’s tentacles to grow and get you to get the “Tangled” trophy.

Easy “Why Am I Playing This Game?” trophy

When attacked by Slender Man in “The Eight Pages” level, you will not be able to pause the game. Repeatedly press [Pause] on the Easy difficulty when far enough from Slender Man so that he will not kill you if you are at the limit of the “no-pause zone” to get the “Why Am I Playing This Game?” trophy.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Speed Runner I (Bronze): Beat ‘The Eight Pages’ level in under 5 minutes.
    Speed Runner II (Bronze): Beat the ‘Into The Abyss’ level in under 5 minutes.
    Speed Runner III (Bronze): Beat the game in under 45 minutes.
    The Collector I (Bronze): Find all numbered letters.
    The Collector II (Silver): Find all scrapbook items.
    I Love Radio (Bronze): Listen to all of the radio tracks in the house.
    Master Pianist (Bronze): Play the piano until the first notes from “No Friends” is played.
    Tangled (Bronze): Get ensnared by Slender Man’s tenticles.
    Cry Baby (Bronze): Disrupt Charlie while he’s crying at least 3 times.
    Retro Fan (Bronze): Beat the Genesis level on “Hardcore” difficulty.
    I’m Free! (Bronze): Beat the game on normal difficulty.
    Fearless (Bronze): Beat the game on “Hardcore” difficulty.
    Fire Proof (Bronze): Make it through the forest fire without catching on fire once.
    Walking Simulator (Bronze): Surpass 10,000 total steps taken.

Additionally, there are six secret trophies:

    Fearless Fun (Bronze): Riding a Slide in a Horror Game.
    Get Me Out of Here! (Bronze): Exceed 10 failed pause attempts.
    Why Am I Playing This Game? (Bronze): Exceed 50 failed pause attempts.
    Well At Least You Tried (Bronze): Die in the ‘Into the Abyss’ level 3 times in a row.
    Insta-Killed (Bronze): We’re sorry about that… Here’s a cookie!
    I’ll just take this..I guess? (Bronze): Pick up an oversized sign and somehow manage to fit it in your scrapbook.

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