Snake Sneaking Into PlayStation All-Stars?

Snake Sneaking Into PlayStation All-Stars?


Rather than just tell us who’s going to be in the upcoming PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (dear god is that a mouthful) outright, Sony has decided to take the often-frustrating tactic of releasing only hints as to who will be making an appearance. They’ve decided to do so in the form of images of seemingly unrelated, less-than-obvious teases including, thus far:

  • An orange sports car in front of the “Outdoor Grill” restaurant at night.

  • Two sports cars, yellow (gold?) and silver, in front of the same restaurant during the day.

  • A pistol and a rifle, each outlined by discarded bullets.

  • A pistol and its clip, flanking a seemingly randomly spilled grid of bullets.

    That last, though, holds a surprise: the bullets form the vague shape of a fox’s head and, more to the point, the words “La Li Lu Le Lo” can be discerned, upside down, but in order. Does this mean that Solid Snake, or another character from Metal Gear Solid, will be making an appearance in the fighting game? Most likely. If it is Solid Snake, does this then mean that PSASBR takes place in the same universe as Super Smash Bros. Brawl?

    By Shelby Reiches

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