Sony Seems to Have a New Game in the Works

Sony Seems to Have a New Game in the Works

A section of Sony has (possibly accidently) released a teaser trailer for a yet-to-be-officially-announced game for–presumably–the PlayStation brand, titled “ EMAGON ”.

The trailer itself, according to reports, was released along with an accompanying post over on the Spanish PlayStation Blog . Needless to say, the contents of the post (and the dialogue featured in the teaser, for that matter) are in Spanish. What’s more is that (at the time of writing) no other similar announcements have been posted on US the EU counterparts of PlayStation.Blog.

The teaser depicts what could be an exploration game, judging by the inclusion of a compass and general tone of what this game might be. The only solid information that can be ascertained from this teaser is that something is going to be revealed on Friday, December 5 (in what is believed to be supposed celebration of the 20th anniversary of the PlayStation brand).

It’s been speculated that EMAGON could be something revealed at Game Awards or at PlayStation Experience. Interestingly enough, “ EMAGON ” is also “NOGAME” spelt backwards.

We’ll bring you more news on this game should further information reach our ears. You can watch EMAGON’s teaser trailer via the embedded video below.

[ Source(s): PlayStation.ES ]

[ Via: VG24/7 ]

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