Square Enix Europe Replaces Eidos

Square Enix Europe Replaces Eidos


Not surprisingly, Square Enix has announced that their acquisition of British game developer/publisher Eidos Interactive has led them to change the name of the entity to Square Enix Europe. However, games created by the European arm of the company will continue to use the Eidos moniker for brand recognition purposes.

Former Eidos CEO Phil Rogers will helm the new company. Unfortunately, this reorganization will likely mean jobs will be lost during the transition. Below you’ll find the official comments as picked up by CVG:

Square Enix and Eidos Interactive are pleased to announce plans to create a new organisation to drive forward their European business. Square Enix Europe (final name tbc) will include Eidos’ global network of studios and combine the Square Enix and Eidos European sales and marketing businesses to create one efficient and powerful structure for game publishing.

In North America the current Square Enix organisation will continue to serve this market. All marketing, sales and distribution functions will be transferred from Eidos Inc. to Square Enix in this territory.

Square Enix Europe will be led by Phil Rogers, Square Enix in North America will be led by John Yamamoto.

Will the Eidos brand remain? “Yes the Eidos brand will remain for games developed by Eidos studios.”

Will any jobs be impacted? “Unfortunately we are expecting some jobs to be impacted directly by this in both Europe and North America. We are hoping to minimise this wherever possible and offer support and advice to any employees directly affected.”

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