Survival Tips for Alien: Isolation Detailed; the Alien will React to Torch Beams

Survival Tips for Alien: Isolation Detailed; the Alien will React to Torch Beams

On Thursday, March 27, Alien: Isolation’s gameplay programmer Vinh-Dieu Lam revealed details on how the AI of the game’s featured Alien will react to what you do while trying to survive in Alien: Isolation .

As reported by Total Xbox , the Alien will react to various things such as torch beams, meaning that shining a torch onto a wall–even at a great distance–will not only attract the Alien, but it will also cause it to investigate where the source of the light was coming from.

The torch doesn’t just magically attract the alien if you use it but it makes it more likely the alien will see you, ” Lam said. “ If you shine it down a corridor and the alien sees the spot where it hits even if you are a long way away, it will come investigate and work out where the torch came from.

Our warning to [previewers] about the torch was because they were hiding and looking out, shining the torch [from] the cover they were hiding behind, ” Lam continued. ” And [they] were surprised it found where they were because it saw the light on the wall.

What’s more, Creative Assembly, the game’s developer, are thinking of utilizing rumble feedback on all platforms–last- and current-gen. The developer will also be taking advantage of the new updates to rumble functionalities on current-gen consoles.

We’ll have rumble feedback on all platforms that support it, ” reads a post on the game’s official forum by Mark Angus, Alien: Isolation’s lead audio designer. ” The next-gen platforms offer up some interesting updates to the standard rumble functionality that we’ll look to take advantage of.

Alien: Isolation was announced back in early January. The game will be dropping on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC later on this year.

Source: Total Xbox .

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