The Binding Of Isaac Gets Halloween Update

The Binding Of Isaac Gets Halloween Update


Disturbing Smash TV/Zelda/Rogue-like mash-up The Binding of Isaac is getting a Halloween update. In fact, it should be hitting anytime, now that we’ve passed the noon PST launch window. Completely free for those who purchase the $5 wonder, the update was announced on creator Edmund McMillen’s blog, where he announced the following features:

  • Added chapter 5 (unlocked after 10 mom kills)

  • Added 3+ new bosses

  • Added 4 new enemies

  • Added 20+ new items

  • Added one new unlockable character (Eve)

  • Added one new “FINAL” ending.

  • Added 6+ new achievements

  • Added 2 new music tracks
  • Added updated collection viewer
  • Added 4 new tarot cards (finishing the major arcana)

    He threw in some additional bug fixes, reduced the load times and balanced out a few items, as well. The update comes on the heels of a promise from McMillen that, should The Binding of Isaac perform well, he would support it post-release with additional content. It’s a pleasure to see him come through with this, from a developer who truly cares about his creations and wants to thank the fans who have supported them.

    By Shelby Reiches

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