The PlayStation Experience is Going to be Awesome!

The PlayStation Experience is Going to be Awesome!

It’s a gaming extravaganza of epic proportions!

The figures are in and it seems Sony’s counterparts were successful in tipping the scales of the holiday shopping spree in their favor. Once the Black Friday dust settled, it was clear the PlayStation was little more than an afterthought come Cyber Monday. Parents were busy snatching up Xbox Ones and the Nintendo 3DS in droves. So what’s the best way to instantly erase that little public relations speed bump from people’s minds? By throwing a huge house party in Sin City, that’s what!

It would appear Sony has once again managed to wrangle the spotlight away from its rivals, as the latest buzz has drawn all eyes to the Team Blue brand. For those not in the know, the PlayStation Experience is an event (very reminiscent of E3) being held this weekend in Vegas. It’ll feature panels, presentations and a butt-load of PlayStation games you can demo right on the show floor (not to mention the swag…don’t forget the swag). With a whole host of developers on hand, many expect industry execs to use this as a platform to hype their upcoming releases and make several big announcements. Who knows what’ll set the headlines on fire come Monday? But here’s a list of what I’m personally looking forward to at Sony’s huge blow-out.

Uncharted in action!

I’ve compared the PS Experience to a very E3-esque event, but let’s face it, there is only one E3. Speaking of which, it’s arguable the most anticipated game since this year’s convention has been Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End . The trailer only gave us a slight tease via a pre-rendered cut scene, so let’s hope we finally get to see some live gameplay. A legit demo is probably too much to ask for, but when you’re talkin’ about Naughty Dog, expect the unexpected. They might just surprise us.

Morpheus…almost there.

If you’ve followed my work of the last year or so, you already know I’m a huge advocate for the 3D tech craze that’s recently gained steam. And I’m not talking ‘bout the gimmicky movie 3D we’ve see in theaters or at Best Buy (you didn’t actually buy one of those TVs did you?), but rather a step towards a fully immersive world that puts you inside the game in ways never before dreamed. Sony’s Morpheus Project is going to be a key piece of that puzzle on the console front, and I really hope a new tech demo is on-hand to showcase where they’ve taken its development.

Who is the Arkham Knight?

Another passion I wear on my sleeve is my Batman obsession. So as you can imagine, this teasing Rocksteady has been doing in regards to their upcoming Arkham Knight sequel is killin’ me! Last week’s gameplay trailers highlighting the Batmobile and some of the new combat are great and all…but it’s just more of the same really. I want fresh new details regarding content. What skin packs are we in store for? Will we finally see resolution to all these branching side-missions we’ve been chasing the last two games? Most importantly…will they give us ANY clues whatsoever in solving the mystery behind who this mysterious Arkham Knight actually is?! One can only hope.

The PlayStation Experience is Going to be Awesome!

Giving PS Now a much needed shot in the arm.

When I first heard Sony would be launching a streaming rental service that piped a digital library right into our living rooms, I just about dropped my DualShock controller into a bowl of Ramen noodles. The concept is one of those game changers that, if executed properly, can come along and flip things upside down permanently. Unfortunately, that’s not been the case with PlayStation Now. The current selection of games (not to mention the quality) leaves a lot to be desired. The PS4 side of the catalogue is almost non-existent, so let’s hope this gathering brings news of other 3 rd party partnerships (much like we saw with EA earlier this month). Anything which could help flesh things out and create a more well-rounded offering is a step in the right direction.

For those of you hangin’ in the Las Vegas area on Saturday or Sunday, you can purchase tickets via the PlayStation Experience’s official website. The hall doors of the Venetian Hotel and Casino open at 10:00am and prices start at $55 for a one day pass or $95.50 for two. If you find you can’t make it, fear not, as the event will also be livestreamed on Twitch.

CheatCC will be covering the goings-on and bring you any important news and info that may arise from Sony’s first ever gaming “experience.”

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