The Week in Review & Rumor Round-up: Capcom's in the Money, Nintendo Dodges a Bullet, Spatial Controls to Revamp the PS2?, and more!

The Week in Review & Rumor Round-up: Capcom's in the Money, Nintendo Dodges a Bullet, Spatial Controls to Revamp the PS2?, and more!


The Week in Review news piece summarizes and highlights the most important gaming related news and rumors over the past week. This weekly article will keep you plugged in and in-tune.

Capcom got the week started off right when they announced that worldwide shipments of Resident Evil 5 already total more than four million units. This makes Resident Evil 5 “the biggest launch for any of the Resident Evil games to date.” Including this most recent title’s figures, the Resident Evil franchise has moved over 40 million units in all.

The infamous accolade of “World’s Most Profane Game” was awarded to The House of the Dead: Overkill (ironically a Wii exclusive) by the folks at Guinness World Records. According to Guinness, The House of the Dead: Overkill uses the f-bomb an unheard of 189 times – and that’s not even counting the incessant repetition of the voiceover work.

BioWare announced this week that Mass Effect 2 will be releasing for Xbox 360 and Windows PC in early 2010. This “dark second chapter” will be part of a larger three part story arc. It was widely rumored that the Mass Effect franchise would be made into a trilogy, but now it is official. No date for a PS3 release likely means Sony fans will miss out unless they have a competent PC.

Chalk up another victory for Nintendo. The gaming juggernaut proved that messing with the bull definitely leads to getting a Wii Remote upside the head, when U.S. District Court Judge Leonard Davis of Tyler, TX dismissed a lawsuit brought to the court by Fenner Investments Ltd. against Nintendo. Fenner alleged that the Wii and its controllers, as well as the Nintendo GameCube “infringed on one of its patents (U.S. Patent No. 6,297,751).” However, according to the presser, no jury trial was needed because the judge clearly found there to be no infringement on behalf of Nintendo. So much for getting rich quick.

Nintendo also revealed that Wii Play has shifted over 10 million units in the U.S. alone. That’s an astounding accomplishment even it game came bundled with an extra Wii Remote.

Ninja Gaiden 2 will make its way to the Sony PS3, with the series once again donning the Sigma moniker for the PlayStation 3 port. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, like its predecessor, will feature a number of upgrades and new features over the version originally launched on the Xbox 360. For starters, and most notably, Ayane will be a playable character. According to the Famitsu article that broke the story, this new character will completely change the gameplay experience from that of Ryu Hayabusa. New enemies and weapons will also be part and parcel of the port and include a giant Buddha-like opponent, an animate Statue of Liberty, and the Hasaiga Enma – an obscenely large weapon that is larger than Ryu.

Finally, a patent filing by Sony for an LED motion sensing input device have surfaced. According to the diagrams provided in the filing, it looks like the new Sony technology will use an inexpensive camera, i.e. the EyeToy, and either a thin wand or even a pair of finger rings which can be detected by the camera. It appears the technology, at least originally, was being developed for the PS2, as the aging console is depicted in the illustrations. With the recent filing of the material, however, it may be getting ported over to the PS3. Then again, it may be seen as the technology that’s going to make the PS2 a direct competitor to Wii, ostensibly extending the marketable life of the console for several more years. Click HERE to see a couple of illustrations used in the filing.

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