Transparent PS4 Faceplates Are Actually a Thing

Transparent PS4 Faceplates Are Actually a Thing

Earlier on this week we reported on the Sony’s recently announced Project SkyLight , which is a Beta program that’ll soon bring about interchangeable faceplates for the PlayStation 4. Currently, there are only two faceplates available for $25 each, one themed after LittlegBigPlanet 3 and the other themed after The Order: 1886.

Although more faceplates are promised from Project SkyLight, if the two faceplates (or the prospect of there being other faceplates in the future) don’t tickle your fancy just yet, you might be interested to hear that there are other faceplates–transparent ones–currently available to buy.

These transparent covers (featured above) have been recently released from the Japanese manufacture Cyber Gadget, and they’re part of a set of four different colors: white, red, blue and black.

Apparently, the thing about them is that they’re technically just covers that are meant to slot over the glossy section of the PlayStation 4. Called “Scratch Guard Cover”, these accessories are allegedly designed to make scratches and dirt left on the glossy section less visible.

Similar to the days of old when transparent consoles were the trend (i.e. the transparent Game Boy Color, Nintendo 64 and the original Xbox), these faceplates will allow for PlayStation 4 owners to the view console’s hard drive bay and its protective housing.

A Western release for the faceplates has yet to be announced, and it’s unknown whether or not they will officially sell outside of Japan. However, there are retailers out there that will ship these faceplates across the seas, such as AmiAmi, an online japanese figure store.

We’ll bring you more news on this should further information reach our ears.

[ Source(s): DualShockers ]

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